27 October 2005

Plymouth Citycoach

News reaches me of a bit of reorganisation at Plymouth Citycoach.
307 N307UTT has been re-registered JSK 261.
308 P308CTT has been re-registered JSK 262
309 is now JSK 263
311 is now JSK 264
312 is now JSK 265

340 has reverted from JSK 261 to F973 HGE
341 has reverted from JSK 262 to F968 HGE
346 has reverted from JSK 264 to F988 HGE
350 has reverted from JSK 265 to A602 UGD

at least 350 has since been sold to Ede (Roselyn Coaches) Par.
Confirmation of the registration changes was provided by Dave Godley on the south west buses yahoo group which is highly recommended.

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