21 November 2005

X38 Service

The X38 is the main service between Exeter and Plymouth and is almost non stop between the two Cities. When the old Western National was split back in 1983 to form Devon General, Western National, North Devon (Red Bus) and Southern National the two main connecting routes bewteen Western National and Devon General were split with DG getting the X38 and WN keeping the X80 linking Plymouth to Torbay.
It was generally run using specially liveried coaches until the 'Harry Blundred' years at Devon General when it was run using bread vans which were not suitable for a long route.
Just about the first thing Stagecoach did when taking over was to buy a fleet of new Interurban coaches for their express routes P801-6XTA - which are still the regular performers on the route today. There was also a brief period when we had articulated Volvo Plaxton coaches - but these soon departed to Scotland.
The good thing with the modern fleet of low floor DDs that Stagecoach run now is that they do appear on other routes and the X38 often benefits from their large capacity. Saturday saw 18118 WA04FOD in livery for Culme Valley Connect services operating the service. Not a brilliant photo but it was poor light and the bus was moving at speed!
These are ideal buses for the route although I doubt that loadings are sufficient to warrant double deckers all day.

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