20 June 2005

20th June 2005: Optare Solo

Several of these distinctive buses have now been transferred down to Cornwall as they have been replaced by new low floor Darts on Plymouth routes. Some remain in Plymouth though. 53014 is seen heading towards Saltash having just left Derriford Hospital on the 52 service.
This service is unique in Plymouth in that it is one route split into two. First run from Satash to Derriford and then Plymouth Citybus run from Derriford to Plympton. Both routes still run as the 52 service!
When First decided to drop the Plympton end it was hoped that Stagecoach Devon would come in and they even got as far as publishing timetables leaflets for the service and preparing two Darts for the route. This was halted at the very last minute on objection from First who didn't like Stagecoach extending the service into the City Centre via Milehouse. Citybus were instead brought in by the council to see if they could make the route work. This was back in December 2004 and the route still survives today.


  1. To think that the Plympton end of this service still survives and under Stagecoach rule! I kinda miss the Saltash side of the route and it would be interesting if the demand for a Saltash - Derriford route would exist if proposed again.

  2. Jake, you are right, the 52 Plympton end does still exist. When Stagecoach took it over they merged it with what was the 39 and extended it to Derriford Hospital. Effectively now the 52 runs
    Chaddlewood - Plympton - Leigham - Estover (Asda) - Derriford Hospital - Crownhill - Hartley (Morrisons) - Compton (Penguin Pub) - Mutley Plain - Mayflower Street - City Centre


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