27 April 2024

Minor changes for Devon next month

This week has seen some more service changes registered across Devon:

Dealtop Ltd Dartline

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes
PH0005305.041 694 HONITON, DOWELL STREET CAR PARK HONITON, LACE WALK 27-May-2024 Timetable variation

Plymouth Citybus Ltd

A small batch of minor timetable changes for Plymouth from 2nd June:

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0000135.100 21 21A Plympton Barne Barton 02-Jun-2024 timetable change to provide Monday to Friday School Day early evening BSIP enhancement to maintain 10-minute frequency from 0700-1900.
PH0000135.353 28 Royal Parade George Junction 02-Jun-2024 Revise Saturday timetable to provide 0830 arrival in City Centre
PH0000135.053 34 City Centre Estover 02-Jun-2024 To run 08.15 service from George Junction consistently; on School Days and School Holidays.
PH0000135.149 42C Royal Parade Woolwell 02-Jun-2024 To revise inbound timetable to address congestion through Mutley Plain and North Hill.
PH0000135.076 50 51 107 Derriford Derriford 02-Jun-2024 To revise afternoon timetable to improve departure times from Derriford Hospital.

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

A few more new timetables from 26th May. The SC1 was an annual event registration which is presumably not happening this year.

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.046 7 Exeter Bus Station Totnes Coronation Road 26-May-2024 Timetable amendments to improve punctuality and reliability
PH1020951.011 12 Newton Abbot Brixham 26-May-2024 Timetable variation
PH1020951.208 22 Dawlish Warren South Devon College 26-May-2024 Route and timetable variation
PH1020951.317 35A 35C Torquay Strand Torquay Strand 26-May-2024 Route and timetable variation
PH1020951.392 SC1 Woolacombe Wavelength Spring Classic Event Site Woolacombe Wavelength Spring Classic Event Site 01-Jun-2023Cancellation

It remains to be seen how many more new timetables there will be for Stagecoach and Citybus at the end of May / beginning of June.

As always more details are available by clicking through the licence numbers above or if you want a quick shortcut to Traveline timetables (where published) click through on the Library numbers below:

OperatorRoute DescriptionStartEndLibrary
Stagecoach South West 7 Exeter City Centre - Newton Abbot - Totnes 26/05/2024 T003052
Stagecoach South West 12 Newton Abbot - Torquay - Paignton - Brixham  26/05/2024 T003060
Plymouth Citybus 21 Barne Barton - Devonport - Plymouth City Centre - Plympton
21A Barne Barton - Devonport - Plymouth City Centre -Plympton
02/06/2024 T003065
Stagecoach South West 22 Dawlish Warren - St Marychurch - Torquay - Paignton South Devon College  26/05/2024 T003076
Plymouth Citybus 28 Plymouth City Centre - Deer Pk - Eggbuckland - Derriford Hosp - The George P&R 02/06/2024 T003072
Plymouth Citybus 34 Plymouth City Centre - Devonort - Milehouse - Derriford Hospital  02/06/2024 T003073
Plymouth Citybus
42 Plymouth City Centre - Derriford Hospital - Southway
42A Plymouth City Centre - Derriford Hospital - Tamerton Foliot
42B Plymouth City Centre - Derriford Hospital - Tamerton Foliot
42C Plymouth City Centre - Derriford Hospital - Woolwell
02/06/2024 T003074
Plymouth Citybus 50 Derriford Hospital - Estover - Plymouth City Centre - St Budeaux -
Derriford Hospital
51 Derriford Hospital - St Budeaux - Plymouth City Centre - Estover - Derriford Hospital
02/06/2024 T003075
Plymouth Citybus 107 Torbridge School - Southway - Milehouse 02/06/2024 T003077

The Week Ahead

As for the coming week there is just one timetable change for Cornwall

OperatorRoute DescriptionStartEndLibrary
Royal Buses 55 Polmanter - St Ives Royal Square  28/04/2024 12/05/2024 T003066

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