29 March 2024

Torbay Buses Timetables

As promised yesterday Torbay Buses have registered their new timetables all of which start this weekend – so quite late coming through…

DJ Watts, Torbay Buses

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1117103.014 25 Paignton, Totnes Road, Morrisons Paignton, Youngs Park, Youngs Park Road 01-Apr-2024 Route, timetable and bus stop/stopping places variation
PH1117103.015 60 Marldon, Occombe Farm Paignton, Hyde Road 01-Apr-2024 CANCELLED
PH1117103.017 61 Occombe Farm, Preston Down Road, Paignton Union Street, Stand 1, Torquay 01-Apr-2024 NEW: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, excluding Bank Holidays
PH1117103.004 64 Torquay, Castle Circus Torquay, Middle Warberry Road 01-Apr-2024 Timetable variation
PH1117103.016 65 Marks and Spencer, Willows, Torquay Market Street, Torquay 01-Apr-2024 NEW: Tuesday and Thursday, excluding Bank Holidays.
PH1117103.005 108 Paignton Bus Station Paignton Bus Station 01-Apr-2024 Timetable variation
PH1117103.006 109 Paignton Bus Station Paignton Bus Station 01-Apr-2024 Timetable variation

Although its not easy to find exactly what has changed as neither the company or Torbay Council seem to have published this as far as I can see, they have published some excellent leaflets with timetables for the services as from 1st April

They have produced some smart timetables with maps which are nice and clear as seen by 108 109


As always click through on the licence numbers above to get the route history with the update timetables and maps.

The 61 and 65 replace existing services 60 and 65 as noted by Torbay Today

It's the end of the line for two unique subscription community bus services which pick up their last passengers today (Wednesday 27 March) and tomorrow (Thursday 28 March). Since commercial operators withdrew over six years ago, Ourbus Torbay, a division of Torbay Communities, has been running two scheduled services: the 61 and 65. In 2019, the 61 bus, which runs between Livermead in Torquay and the town centre via St Lukes, was believed to be the first community scheduled service in the country to be run using a subscription service committing passengers to paying weekly by direct debit. Ourbus Torbay will now concentrate on organised day trips and the commercial operators will take over the 60 and 65 services. Praise and thanks for the service has been building all week on Facebook including Val Baket who said: “Well done for keeping this service running with volunteers, I know how difficult it has been for you”

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  1. Graham, basically some lunch gaps removed & some earlier, later & Sunday services plus newer Streetlites + two brand new buses in the summer. Next stop announcements / contactless / £2 fares introduced. New Torbay Buses timetable books. Note Brixham 15/16 supported registration withdrawn by D J Watts as Country Bus now continuing its services. Very poor of Torbay Council not announcing new operators!


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