22 March 2024

Plymouth Citybus New Timetables

Plymouth Citybus have now announced their (minor) timetable changes for 14th April

Plymouth Service Changes - From 14th April 2024
Some changes to Plymouth’s bus routes and timetables come into effect from 14th April. Most changes
are designed to improve reliability or are in response to passenger feedback.

Summary of changes


These services will see revised timetables at weekends to improve reliability. On a Sunday, most morning journeys will run up to ten minutes earlier, with afternoon journeys up to five minutes later than present.


We are pleased to announce additional investment into these services by restoring a Saturday timetable of up to every 15 minutes. Revised times throughout to improve timekeeping; with evening journeys 5 minutes later.


Morning peak journeys on weekdays will run five minutes earlier with additional time throughout. Revised timetable on a Saturday daytime to improve reliability. Evening journeys run five minutes later.


Most journeys run five minutes later throughout the day, Monday to Saturday. Due to ongoing problems with congestion, certain Saturday daytime journeys do not serve Ebrington Street; and instead run via Tothill Road to Exeter Street. Additional late evening journey added, Monday to Saturday.


New service replacing the Eggbuckland side of 60/61. Covers Henders Corner, Deer Park, Culver Way, Charfield Drive, Miles Mitchell, The Ship and Derriford Hospital; with most services continuing to the George Park and Ride site. Together with Service 27 provides a combined 30-minute service to Eggbuckland, and restores a link from Eggbuckland to Derriford Hospital.


The current journey on school day afternoons starting at HMS Drake at 15.57 will instead depart Royal Parade at 15.45. Revised times to improve timekeeping.


08.10 journey from George Junction to start at Derriford Hospital. Revised running times in the afternoon peak. Saturday early morning journeys terminate at Derriford Hospital to improve timekeeping. Revised short journeys between Derriford Hospital and Milehouse.


Timetable revised to improve reliability. Most journeys depart the City Centre 2 minutes earlier on Monday to Saturday, and 5 minutes earlier on a Sunday. Evening journeys depart 5 minutes later.


Timetables extensively revised throughout to improve reliability. These will provide Monday to Saturday a consistent ten-minute headway direct between the City Centre and Derriford Hospital, throughout both peak periods. Sunday morning timetable adjusted to improve reliability; with early morning journeys departing earlier than current. 23:55 from Derriford Hospital to the City Centre withdrawn on Sunday nights.

Additional evening journeys added Monday to Saturday between the City Centre and Plymouth Marjon University. This provides a bus up to every 15 minutes into the evenings between the City Centre and Crownhill, with Service 44.


Large revisions to times on weekday afternoons to improve timekeeping.
Revised timetable on a Saturday daytime.


Revised timetable to improve timekeeping with an extra 5 minutes per journey. Sunday late afternoon journey extends from Crownhill to Royal Parade, but the last journeys from Whitleigh Monday to Saturday will terminate at Crownhill.


In order to improve reliability across these services, Service 50 will no longer serve the Crownhill Loop; and will instead operate from Crownhill Fire Station to Derriford Hospital via Budshead Way. Revised timetables throughout both services to improve reliability. 23:40 from Derriford Hospital to the City Centre on Sunday nights is withdrawn.


This will cover the Honicknowle side of current Services 60 and 61, up to every 30 minutes. On Saturday daytimes, due to ongoing congestion at Transit Way, Service 61 terminates at West Park, Coombe Park Lane.

Meanwhile they are of course happy to announce the new electric buses:

The Go-Ahead Group reaches a milestone with over 1100 zero emission buses - a leader in the UK

• The Go-Ahead Group adds 201 zero emission buses to its regional fleets
• Six of Go-Ahead’s regional bus companies celebrate a share of £112 million joint investment
• Go-Ahead's zero emission bus total exceeds 1100 - the largest in the UK
• The investment will help Go-Ahead reach its decarbonisation targets by 2035

The Go-Ahead Group, a leading provider of public transport services, proudly announces a significant achievement in sustainable public transport with the introduction of an additional 201 zero-emission buses to its fleet at regional bus companies, including Plymouth Citybus, Go Cornwall Bus, Go North East, Pulhams Coaches, Salisbury Reds, Southern Vectis, East Yorkshire Buses, and Brighton & Hove and Metrobus.

This substantial addition, delivery expected by March 2026, will bring Go-Ahead's total zero-emission bus count to over 1100, solidifying its commitment to environmental responsibility and contributing to cleaner air in communities across the UK.

The £112 million pooled investments in this initiative signifies a joint commitment from the Department for Transport, Go-Ahead’s bus companies and our local authority partners:

  • 50 ZEBs (Zero Emission Buses) with £28.5 million allocated to Go South West’s, Plymouth Citybus, and Go Cornwall Bus operators.
  • Go South Coast operators, Southern Vectis and Salisbury Reds will add 45 zero emission buses to its fleets, comprising an £24.1 million investment. 
  • £35 million for Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus, with 59 ZEBs - 43 for its Metrobus fleet in Crawley and 16 for its Brighton & Hove Buses division.
  • At Go North East, Riverside depot gets a further £5.7 million invested for 11 ZEBs.
  • Pulhams Coaches celebrates 15 ZEBs at its Bourton-on-the-Water depot, with an £8 million investment serving its rural communities.
  • And finally, in Hull, East Yorkshire Buses will introduce 21 ZEBs with a total of £10.9 million investment.


  1. The new 28 timetable has now finally emerged on Traveline - hourly as predicted.

    1. Yeah that's a pretty big downgrade. Shame, but I'm assuming the part of the route, like the 27 is related to PCC funding. Also there's some later evening journeys to Milehouse instead of George PR

  2. To be honest in these continuing strange times i did wonder how long a half hourly Eggbuckland would be sustainble , this doesm ake things simpler hourly 27 hourly 28 each doing their own bits and each look to take 2 buses on a 2 hour round trip each


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