16 March 2024

More Stagecoach Service Changes

Due to the sheer number of service registration changes coming through I am posting them as they come though rather than saving them for weekly posts. Yesterday we had another small batch for Stagecoach. There are clearly a lot more to follow..

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.420 30 31 Plymouth City Centre Royal Parade A17 Plymouth City Centre Royal Parade A17 14-Apr-2024 Due to issues with parked vehicles and to improve reliability, there will be a minor change to the route. Buses will no longer operate via Connaught Avenue and Belgrave Road, instead operating via Alexandra Road. Penlee Way and Ashford Way will no longer be served.

Customers currently using the stops on Connaught Avenue and Belgrave Road, alternatives are available nearby at Mutley Plain. For those using the stops on Penlee Way and Ashford Way, alternatives are available on Ashford Crescent, with the junction at Elm Crescent.
PH1020951.424 54 Plymouth Royal Parade Bovisand 25-May-2024 A new service from Plymouth Royal Parade to Bovisand, to operate for duration of season, on the following dates during 2024 and on similar dates in other years for the duration of the contract.  Sat 25th May to Sun 2nd June 2024 Sat 20th July to Sun 1st Sept 2024
PH1020951.163 155 South Molton Barnstaple 14-Apr-2024 There are a number of significant changes to the Service 155 timetable, which are designed to ensure that the service remains commercially viable, while also serving a number of new developments.
Buses will operate hourly between Barnstaple Bus Station and South Molton, with alternate journeys serving Pottington or the new Honeymead Meadow development. Additional journeys will operate hourly between Northfield Park and Landkey via Barnstaple Bus Station, providing a brand new bus service for the developments at each end of the route.
PH1020951.060 I (J) Digby or Whipton Barton Countess Wear, Digby 14-Apr-2024 Timing changes are introduced each day to improve reliability and punctuality.

To provide a more even spacing of Services 2, 57, I/J and R/S along Topsham Road during the evening, departure times on Service I from Digby will be changed to operate 30 minutes later throughout the evening, leaving Digby at XX00.
PH1020951.047 R (S) Rifford Road Rifford Road 14-Apr-2024 Timing changes are introduced each day to improve reliability and punctuality.

There are some changes to departure times Monday to Friday and Saturday early mornings to better utilise resource and match passenger demand.

There is a slight reduction to the number of journeys on Saturday morning to better reflect passenger demand

Note that the Bovisand service starts 25th May rather than everything else above starting 14 April


  1. Penlee Way and Ashford Way? Do Stagecoach actually know where their buses go? Do they mean Penlee Place and Ashford Road?

  2. So a bus service up Ashford Hill under the railway bridge then? That's a first...

    1. Inbound, if they get that corner wrong it’ll be bye bye to the back end of the bus as the steep gradient rips it clean off!

    2. I am pretty sure there have been buses up through here before although I cant find the evidence at the moment. Sure I have recollections of the old WN Hoppas going under the bridge - although of course they were a lot smaller than most buses that are available these days. Also pretty sure the services we rerouted precisely because of the bridge. Will be interesting to watch - I guess the service will be Solo operated?

    3. It is at the moment

  3. Yes I used to take a Mercedes Vario under that bridge for First back in 2009 ish


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