20 March 2024

Dribbling Through...

Thankfully these continue to dribble through rather than smashing through all in one go as it makes life a lot easier for me! Today we have a few more for Stagecoach and one for Citybus

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.423 24 Tiverton Taunton 14-Apr-2024 Monday to Saturday
A new Service 24 will be introduced providing journey opportunities between Tiverton and Silk Mills Park and Ride in Taunton, operating via Wellington.

Service 24 will provide three morning departures from Tiverton at 0500, 0520 and 0540 Monday to Friday and 0700, 0720 and 0740 on Saturdays and evening departures from Silk Mills Park and Ride at 2005, 2025 and 2045 Monday to Friday and 1810, 1830 and 1850 on Saturdays.

Passengers will be able to use Service P&R to make journeys in and out of Taunton.
PH1020951.316 89 Tavistock The Tors / Embden Grange 14-Apr-2024 Timetable variation. Intermediate running times are revised to improve reliability and punctuality.  The first trip from Tavistock to Staple Tor Road ( Mon-Fri ) is re-timed to have more layover in Bus Station, leaving at 0725.
PH1020951.427 99 Exmouth Rolle Street Exmouth Rolle Street 14-Apr-2024 As a result of changes to the route of Service 57, a new Service 99 will be introduced.

Service 99 will operate from Rolle Street in Exmouth Town Centre and will operate a circular route serving Brixington. Buses will follow the current Service 57 route, with the exception of Lime Grove, Spider’s Lane and part of Jubilee Drive (see changes to the route of Service 96).

Buses will operate on Monday to Saturday daytimes every 20 minutes, providing an additional journey opportunity every hour. During the evening Service 99 will operate hourly and on Sunday and Public Holidays daytimes every 30 minutes.

While early morning and evening journeys on Service 99 will connect into Service 57 journeys, without the need to change bus, at other times, passengers will need to change buses in Exmouth Town Centre for onward travel via a short walk between the bus stops at Rolle Street and Exmouth Parade.
PH1020951.406 348 349 Tiverton Bus Station Cowleymoor 14-Apr-2024 Timing changes are introduced each day to improve reliability and punctuality.
PH1020951.052 GREEN Sowton Matford Park & Ride 14-Apr-2024 Timing changes are introduced each day to improve reliability and punctuality.

The new 24’s are the positioning runs for the Park and Ride buses from Tiverton.

Plymouth Citybus Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0000135.353 28 Royal Parade George Junction 14-Apr-2024 NEW Sunday to Friday.

Still no details from Citybus about their service changes on 14th April although I would expect them fairly soon. For some reason the new timetable for the 28 has also yet to appear on Traveline where most of their other April timetables have been

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  1. yeah very surprised at the lateness of the 28 posting - very few details about it at all - and Sunday to Friday meaning no Saturday service?! strange?


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