02 May 2023

The Flying Visit

Bit of a railway theme this week starting with a couple of lovely shots of The Flying Scotsman from Mark Bailey:

I popped out yesterday evening to capture it heading back, firstly approaching Keyham station at 1859, and then at Cot Hill at 1933.  The lighting conditions were tricky, shooting into a low sun and with lots of shadow.  For the latter shot I've produced a monochrome image to show the head of steam to maximum effect.

60103 approaching Keyham station

60103 at Cot Hill

© Mark Bailey

Then we round off with another excellent video from SteamClips

"We pick up the action as 60103 tackles Tigley and Rattery Banks in close –up due to the poor visibility. The local farmer has set up a grandstand with a trailer, a lovely gesture for the assembled crowd at this popular spot. On then to even larger crowds gathered at Saltash Station where Network Rail staff are in attendance to keep everyone “safe”. Thoughtfully local control allowed the Plymouth bound service train, which would have blocked the “up” platform, to run ahead of schedule and leave the view clear for everyone, another nice touch! In improving visibility “Scotsman” crosses Brunel’s famous bridge over the Tamar and on in to Cornwall as we film amid an excited throng. However if we are talking: “crowds”, the St Blazey Roundhouse and Turntable was definitely the place to be as all of Cornwall, it seemed, came out to see the much anticipated restored “Grade 2 listed” turntable in action again and what better steam locomotive to inaugurate it than the nation's favourite ? The whole event became a jamboree with cheers, applause, local dignitaries, restoration teams receiving much official acclaim and the second camera remotely controlled on a 10 foot pole recording the only uninterrupted view from the public side of the fence!! I have to admit that 60103 looked absolutely splendid mounted on the newly painted turntable. For the final shots of the day we chose the climb through Bodmin Parkway, taking a chance with the stopping “down” service train and the Glynn valley where the line is rapidly disappearing behind the growing forestry as a strong gusty breeze blows but I think we just about got away with it! "

If you are into steam then do pop along to The SteamClips YouTube channel with lots of excellent videos...

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