05 April 2023

Colyton School and Shareford?

As from April I have decided not to keep all the service changes for the weekend update as its become too time consuming especially when we get full network updates like we have just had this weekend.  In future I will just post them as and when they come in (or pretty soon after). There will still be further updates for “next week” as and when needed.  I will still tag them and Devon & Cornwall Transit if you want to search them.  This will help me get back into regular posts which have not been happening here for the last few years.

Today we have one new registration update:

Dealtop Ltd (Dartline)

Probably a tidy up exercise more than anything else…

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0005305.026 Coly 9 Exeter, Cheeke Street Colyton Grammar School 07-Apr-2023 Cancellation - Probably an old catch up as COLY9 registered as PH0005305.071 back in June 2022

You could as always click through on the licence number for the full route history, but quite frankly its not worth it this time! I suspect that this service only actually ran for part of 2011. For those that are interested Colyton School apparently looks a bit like this…



Stagecoach have started running their new routes serving Sherford this weekend. They seem to be having issues with the spelling…

Exeter  04/04/2023

© Mark Bailey (with permission)

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