19 March 2023

Devon & Cornwall Transit 2023: Week up to 17 March

The weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week. As always click through for more details including timetables and maps. The First weekend of April gets even busier with lots more registration changes coming through over the last week.

New Notices from this week

First South West Ltd

A Few more late changes for April

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH0004983.619 19 Penzance Bus Station Madron, Trelawney Estate 02-Apr-2023 From Sunday 2 April, a minor timetable change is introduced. T002366
PH0004983.309 895 Padstow Park and Ride Padstow Old Rail Station 02-Apr-2023 Cancelled None
PH0004983.596 Dartmoor Explorer Gunnislake/ Tavistock Moretonhamstead Court Street 02-Apr-2023 After reviewing Dartmoor Explorer, we have identified that the route is commercially viable in the summer months and needs to allow for extended visits to Dartmoor. Therefore, the daily service will pause from 2 April. It will return with a revised route and enhanced timetable between Sunday 9 July, and Saturday 9 September inclusive. Further details will be published nearer the time. None
PH0004983.585 Sunseeker Newquay Bus Station Portreath Beach Car Park 02-Apr-2023 Withdrawn due to low use last season. The U1/U1A through Perranporth continues to run twice hourly throughout the day. None

Oakley Coaches

Oakleys gain a tendered service in April:

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH1091418.010 875 Bigbury on Sea, Marine Drive Lee Mill, Tesco 07-Apr-2023 Tuesdays only, one journey in each direction tbc

Redwoods Travel

A small batch of new timetables from 17th April

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH1077645.006 681 Farway, Church Green Honiton, Heathfield Tesco 17-Apr-2023 Variation to timetable and stopping places T002357
PH1077645.005 682 Honiton, Heathfield Tesco Upottery, Sidmouth Arms 17-Apr-2023 Timetable variation T002358
PH1077645.001 697 Hemyock, Lower Millhayes Tiverton Bus Station 17-Apr-2023 Variation to to route, timetable and stopping places T002359

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

Some late notices changes from Stagecoach from 2nd April

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH1020951.249 1 1A X1 Plymouth / Sherford Tavistock / George P&R 02-Apr-2023 Intermediate running times are revised on all days of operation to improve reliability and punctuality  Journeys that operate between George Park and Ride and Plymouth City Centre will be extended to Sherford, following the current route of Service 2A between the City Centre and Sherford.   The extension of journeys to Sherford will provide a new direct link between Sherford and Derriford Hospital up to every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime.   Sherford to George Park and Ride journeys to operate as Service 1A  X1. Morning duplicate journey will be withdrawn due to insufficient demand, and the PM departure time amended to 1535 as approved by both schools. T002361
PH1020951.236 2 (2A) Saltash, Frith Street Plymouth, Royal Parade & Mount Batten 02-Apr-2023 Service 2 will continue to operate every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime and every 60 minutes in the evening and on Sunday and Public Holidays between Mount Batten and Saltash via City Centre.

Service 2A will be revised to operate between the City Centre and Saltash only, operating every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime and every 60 minutes during the evening and on Sunday and Public Holidays. The current section of route between Sherford and the City Centre will be served by new Service 1A, which will provide an enhanced level of service.
PH1020951.381 4 4A 4B 4C Plymouth City Centre, Royal Parade Plymstock 02-Apr-2023 Changes are introduced to the route of Services 4A and 4B, designed to reduce delays caused by inconsiderate parking and unsuitable roads. In Plymstock, Service 4A and 4B will operate a more direct routes, the 4A via Mount Batten Way and no longer serving Stanborough Road, Dunstone Drive and Under Lane.  Whilst the 4B will operate via Broadway East, Dunstone Drive and Springfield Road and no longer serving Southernway and Stentaway Drive. In addition, Service 4B will no longer serve Nightingale Close due to extremely low passenger demand. T002364
PH1020951.380 52 Plympton, George Lane Derriford Hospital 02-Apr-2023 To coincide with the opening of the Forder Valley Link Road, the route of Service 52 will be amended from 2 April 2023. Service 52 will serve Coypool Park and Ride and then operate via the Forder Valley Link Road to Derriford Hospital and will therefore no longer serve Leigham and Estover. This route change will provide a new direct link between Coypool Park and Ride and Derriford Hospital.

Some departure times are amended to facilitate the above route change and to avoid congestion at Coypool Park and Ride.
PH1020951.241 90 Dartmouth Townstal 02-Apr-2023 Timetable variation T002368
PH1020951.384 X30 Seaton, Marine Place Exeter City Centre, Bus Station 02-Apr-2023 Route and timetable variation T002369

The Saltash & District Age Concern Committee (Saltash Red Bus)

A group of local services based around Saltash working as part of the Transport for Cornwall network from the 3rd April.

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
COMMUNITY B1869 450 Saltash Railway Station Saltash Railway Station 03-Apr-2023 A joint project between Go Cornwall Bus, Saltash Red Bus and Cornwall Council will re-establish services to villages in East Cornwall such as St Neot, Menheniot and Bethany. Services will be numbered 450 - 455 T002377
COMMUNITY B1870 451 Merrymeet, Mission Church Saltash Fore street 03-Apr-2023 New Registration T002377
COMMUNITY B1871 452 Cargreen, Fore street Saltash Fore street 03-Apr-2023 New Registration T002377
COMMUNITY B1872 453 St Ives Cross Saltash Fore street 03-Apr-2023 New Registration T002377
COMMUNITY B1873 454 Cargreen, Fore street Saltash Fore street 03-Apr-2023 New Registration T002377
COMMUNITY B1874 455 St Neot Liskeard, Morrisons 03-Apr-2023 New Registration T002377

The Week Ahead

Eastwood (Royal Buses)

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH1086607.021 2 St Ives, Trenwith Car Park St Ives, Royal Square 21-Mar-2023 Timetable variation T002309

Stagecoach Devon

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH1020951.339 91 Dartmouth P&R Dartmouth Pontoon 25-Mar-2023 To re-introduce 10 min service during School Holidays and revise periods of operation. Operates at similar periods each year T002280


  1. Well, it’s unusual that there’s no timetable changes to any of the services throughout Torbay so far this year. The 12 usually goes onto the summer timetable and I’ll be surprised if there’s no change to the weekend frequency, considering it’s going to be packed. Doesn’t look as though we’ll see the 122 make a comeback this year either now that Torbay Road is closed off now. Service 13 has gone downhill now as well since it only goes as far as Torbay Hospital. I think that should go back to the 2016 route and timetable when it was just going between Brixham and Newton Abbot as nobody ever used it for Kingsteignton.

    1. Torbay changes are coming in 29th may

    2. OK, so Bank Holiday weekend then? I take it you’ve got this from a local source then? Hopefully they’ll work around the Torbay Road closure somehow

    3. And don't forget 19 March at 23:46 the brand new Enviro400 MMCs for the 12 have been cancelled at a very late stage. Not good for Torbay & yes the 12 will never cope with higher loadings amongst greater general traffic congestion from Easter onwards.

  2. understand that the Torbay open toppers will start during May, be interesting to see the route though with Torbay Rd now closed/part open

  3. on vosa tonight is a registration for the 122 from 02-04 https://www.vehicle-operator-licensing.service.gov.uk/search/find-registered-local-bus-services/details/608470/


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