19 February 2023

Devon & Cornwall Transit 2023 Week 8

The weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week. As always click through for more details including timetables and maps.

New Notices from this week

As expected we are now starting to see the registrations coming in for April. We start off with a large batch for OTS and Go Cornwall all from the first weekend in April. As usual it will be a while before full details and timetables start to appear. I suspect there will be plenty more to follow for Cornwall and I wouldn't be surprised if the same weekend see's plenty of changes in Devon too. Stagecoach at least have some coming up!

Office & Transport Services (OTS)

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH1093399.023 35 (35A) Falmouth, The Moor Helston 02-Apr-2023 Cancelled
PH1093399.026 35 (63, 35A) Falmouth, The Moor Helston 03-Apr-2023 Monday - Saturday, hourly extending to Helston 2 hourly tbc
PH1093399.025 64 (65A, 64A, 65) Falmouth, The Moor Falmouth, The Moor 03-Apr-2023 Monday - Saturday hourly tbc
PH1093399.020 65 (65A) Falmouth, The Moor Falmouth, The Moor


PH1093399.019 67 Falmouth, The Moor Falmouth, The Moor 03-Apr-2023 Timetable variation tbc

Plymouth Citybus (Go Cornwall)

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH0000135.300 3 Penzance Rosehill Gardens 02-Apr-2023 Cancel
PH0000135.166 11 (75A) Plymouth, Royal Parade Bodmin Parkway 02-Apr-2023 Retime for reliability tbc
PH0000135.162 12 (12A, 178) Launceston Plymouth City Centre, Royal Parade 02-Apr-2023 Extend 12A to Coads Green & revise timetable tbc
PH0000135.275 15 Hayle Penzance Bus Station 03-Apr-2023 Renumber from 515 to 15, revise route and timetable tbc
PH0000135.226 16A Penzance Bus Station St Ives 03-Apr-2023 Revise times for reliability tbc
PH0000135.228 22 Truro Bus Station St Austell Bus Station 02-Apr-2023 Revise times to be half hourly with service 21 between St Dennis & St Austell tbc
PH0000135.327 25 St Austell Bus Station Newquay Bus Station 03-Apr-2023 New Service tbc
PH0000135.230 25 (24S) Fowey, Readymoney Car Park St Austell Bus Station 02-Apr-2023 Revise terminals: Fowey (Readymoney Car park) - St Austell. Revise route & timetable accordingly tbc
PH0000135.231 26 (191) St Austell Bus Station Bodmin Business Park 02-Apr-2023 Revised timetable tbc
PH0000135.232 27 St Austell Bus Station Truro Bus Station 02-Apr-2023 Revised times for first journey into Truro, and additional journeys Saturday afternoon tbc
PH0000135.233 30 St Austell Hospital St Austell Hospital 02-Apr-2023 Revised timetable. Last journey on Saturday  from St Austell Hospital withdrawn tbc
PH0000135.235 34 Helston, Sainsburys Lizard, The Green 02-Apr-2023 Extend 1433 ex Lizard from Sainsbury to Helston Community College tbc
PH0000135.268 36 Helston, Sainsburys St Keverne 02-Apr-2023 Revise timetable for reliability tbc
PH0000135.236 36 (36A) Truro Bus Station Helston, Sainsburys 02-Apr-2023 Revise route of 36A to serve Penryn (Asda) & revise timetable, service 36S on separate registration tbc
PH0000135.328 36S Truro (Penair School) Redruth School 03-Apr-2023 New Service tbc
PH0000135.238 38 Camborne Bus Station Helston, Sainsburys 03-Apr-2023 Revised timetable tbc
PH0000135.239 39 Helston Camborne Bus Station 03-Apr-2023 Revised timetable tbc
PH0000135.308 46 Camborne Bus Station Illogan/ Redruth 03-Apr-2023 Revise route to serve Weath Road, not Pengegon, and revise timetable tbc
PH0000135.274 48 49 Redruth, Barncoose Hospital Troon, The Square 02-Apr-2023 Revise route of 49 to serve Pengegon, not Weath Road, & revise timetable tbc
PH0000135.243 50 St Mawes, Car Park Truro Bus Station 02-Apr-2023 Retime for reliability & to improve connections at Tregony tbc
PH0000135.294 54 Plymouth, Royal Parade Bovisand 02-Apr-2023 Cancel
PH0000135.246 56 (185) Padstow, Bus Terminus Newquay Bus Station 02-Apr-2023 Revise route at Mawgan & revise running times for reliability with peak summer timeable variation tbc
PH0000135.247 58 Newquay Bus Station Newquay Bus Station 03-Apr-2023 revise route & timetable tbc
PH0000135.248 59 (59A) Newquay Bus Station Newquay Bus Station 03-Apr-2023 Revise route & timetable tbc
PH0000135.150 70 (70A, 70B) Cremyll Ferry Plymouth City Centre, Royal Parade 02-Apr-2023 Revise times of 0647 from Milehouse to improve connection with Cremyll Ferry. Revise PM journey from Torpoint School tbc
PH0000135.164 72 (72A, 171) Plymouth City Centre, Royal Parade Polperro, Crumplehorn 02-Apr-2023 Revise times for reliability tbc
PH0000135.163 73 (73A) Polperro, Crumplehorn St Cleer 02-Apr-2023 Revise route & running times, add seasonal uplift tbc
PH0000135.240 39A Camborne Bus Station Penzance Bus Station 03-Apr-2023 Revised timetable tbc
PH0000135.297 F1 F2 Truro Falmouth 02-Apr-2023 Cancel (I don’t think this ever ran?)

This Coming Week


I assume this is a small change for Dartline service 343 as they dont seem interested to telling passengers when services change, with just a link to Traveline via their web site. Hopefully as GSW take control they will soon be brought up to the same standards as the rest of the GSW operations, which may not be perfect but is a lot better than nothing at all!

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH0005305.034 343 Tiverton Bus Station Cotteylands 20-Feb-2023 Timetable variation T002277

Plymouth Citybus

Changes to Dartmoor services for Citybus along with a new timetable for the City College shuttle service

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH0000135.311 36 Plymouth Royal Parade Plymouth City College 20-Feb-2023 Timetable revised in conjunction with Plymouth City College T002278
PH0000135.312 55 Milton Combe Tavistock Bus Station 20-Feb-2023 There will be a revised timetable in place from Monday 20th February on these services please find attached also on our website and leaflets available from our Royal Parade, Milehouse and George Park and Ride offices. T002268
PH0000135.313 56 Tavistock Bus Station Tavistock Bus Station 20-Feb-2023 There will be a revised timetable in place from Monday 20th February on these services T002269
PH0000135.315 98 Yelverton, Roundabout Tavistock Bus Station 20-Feb-2023 There will be a revised timetable in place from Monday 20th February on these services T002271

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Local News

Pressure is increasing on Plymouth’s Tory administration to protect bus services in the city. Labour councillor for Drake ward, Charlotte Holloway, has written to leader Richard Bingley and the cabinet member for transport, Jonathan Drean, pleading with them to reconsider the decision to cut the number 31 route.  It comes as Independent Alliance leader and councillor for Compton, Nick Kelly, also wrote to Cllr Drean urging him to rethink a decision remove the Saturday service of the number 27 Citybus service. RadioExe

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