11 January 2023

Plymouth Citybus Catch up

Some bits of fleet news for Plymouth Citybus from the last few week or so

Optare Solos

The Optare Solos coming from Go Ahead Northern are being allocated fleet numbers in the 1800’s (no idea why either!)

1804 NL63XZU

1808 NL63XZY

1809 NL63XZZ confirmed so far

The other ones I have so far as being in Plymouth are YJ62FMA, KY63VTA, NL63XZW, NL63XZO, NK18EEA, NK18EEB

As far as I am aware none have been used in service yet, but some of them have been given Plymouth Citybus fleetnames on their red based GNE liveries.


The group seems to be expanding their coach operations again.

One from East Yorkshire is YX14SFY Volvo B9R with Plaxton Elite bodywork which is now Plymouth Citybus 324. It remains in East Yorkshire livery at the moment

There are also a few Volvo B9R Caetano Levante’s joining the fleet with BF63ZPY, BF63ZRA and BF63ZRZ confirmed as Plymouth Citybus 324-326 resp. Another three are coming but expected to join Dartline. These remain in plain white at the moment. It remains to be seen if the Plymouth Citycoach fleetname is going to be used on the Citybus ones.

Service News

Plymouth Citybus has announced it will be providing an extra service from Royal Parade for school children. The travel company says the extra bus is needed due to regular "overcrowding" on the 8.10am service.

A statement released on the company's Twitter page reads: "City College Students. In order to address overcrowding issues on morning departures from Royal Parade there will now be an additional bus running as a duplicate alongside the 0810 departure from Royal Parade. If you use the buses at this time there will be plenty of space."  Archive Copy


Plymouth Citybus has stressed it is not unfairly targeting certain bus users after it emerged some fares have risen more than others. The company has explained why some ticket prices have risen by more than others by saying it is an attempt to keep fares low for as many passengers as possible.

The bus company hiked fares across the board this month - but some tickets went up by more than others. For example, a one-day Dayrider ticket for Zones 1 and 2 has risen 50p to £5.50, a 10% increase and a one-week season ticket for Zones 1 and 2 has also gone up by 10%, from £20 to £22.

But a one-week season ticket for Zone 1 only, or Zone 2 only, has jumped by £3 to £20 - a rise of 17.6%. A four-week season ticket for Zone 1 only, or Zone 2 only, has jumped £12 - an 18.1% hike.

However, one Citybus user, who asked to be anonymous, complained: “Surely, any price increase should be at an equal rate across all fares and season tickets, one specific set of users should not be subject to a higher price rise, especially when that increase is higher than the rate of inflation

Archive Copy

Comment: Although I can see the passengers point to an extent, this is no different to most businesses. If you go into a shop will will see some items have gone up by a lot more than inflation whilst some prices are actually lower (not many!)  Its just business!

Dennis Dart 251

Friday 30 December was the final day of operation of PCC tendered route 39.  Time will tell but it may also have been the final day in service for Citybus Mini Pointer Dart 251. I've attached a shot on what was a dismal gloomy day (weather to match the occasion) of 251 starting the 1151 return journey from Hartley Vale to the city centre via Mannamead.

Kind regards Mark Bailey

It has appeared on the 59 at least since the new year. Surely it cant manage much longer?

Hartley Vale  30/12/2022


  1. Rumour has it the GNE Solos are now all being transferred to Dartline ops - a handful have already made their way.

  2. Saw nk18eaa on 118 today

    1. NK18 EEA now under Darline ops. Dartline fleet number 145.

    2. NK18 EEB also with Dartline. Dartline fleet number 146


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