29 January 2023

Devon & Cornwall Transit 2023: Week 4

The weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week. As always click through for more details including timetables and maps.

New Notices from this week

Dart Pleasure Craft Ltd

  • Timetables have been set for the 2023 season:
 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH0007025.050 Round Robin Tours Paignton Bus Station Totnes, Steamer Quay Road 04-Apr-2023 Operating dates for 2023 season T002275

First South West Ltd

  • Buses of Somerset add new evening services to its Taunton – Axminster service
 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH0004983.490 30 Taunton, Parade Axminster Railway station 30-Jan-2023 Route and timetable variation - New evening service, with buses diverting to serve Gateway P&R. T002272

Plymouth Citybus Ltd

  • A late amendment to the new timetable for the 59 that comes into operation this weekend
 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH0000135.314 59 Plymouth City Centre, Royal Parade Roborough 30-Jan-2023 Retime last journey on Saturdays to run 10 minutes later T002270

Tally Ho! Coaches Ltd

Tally Ho! have cancelled three services at the end of March this year. It remains to be seen if these get replaced by new registrations eventually.

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH1081198.001 160 162 Kingsbridge Quay Kingsbridge Quay 31-Mar-2023 cancelled
PH1081198.006 612 Mothecombe Tesco - Lee Mill 28-Mar-2023 cancelled
PH1081198.003 875 Bigbury On Sea Plymouth Royal Parade 31-Mar-2023 cancelled

This Coming Week

As well as the Buses of Somerset 30 noted above, there are new timetables for Plymouth Citybus from this weekend:

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesTimetable
PH0000135.288 13 Holly Park, Lakeview Close Plymouth City Centre, Royal Parade 30-Jan-2023 Following detailed discussions with Citybus, a new service 13 from Holly Park and Ringmore Way, providing links to West Park, St Budeaux and the city centre, will also begin from the end of the month. This route partially replaces the 44A between Holly Park and St Budeaux.

The new service will comprise four journeys a day in each direction, Monday to Friday. The service will be more limited than what was provided before and will be run on a commercial basis. Plymouth Citybus will be reviewing its use after six months to ensure that it is financially viable.
PH0000135.289 13S St Budeaux Kings Tamerton 30-Jan-2023 Retimed by 2 mins to enable change on PH0000135/288 T002276
PH0000135.314 59 Plymouth City Centre, Royal Parade Roborough 30-Jan-2023 The 59 service is a route that Plymouth Citybus currently operates under contract to Devon County Council.  The new extension will begin on Monday 30 January and partially replaces the previous route 19.

It will operate four journeys a day in each direction, reinstating links for Merafield residents to both the Ridgeway and the city centre, as well as expanding travel to Sparkwell, Shaugh Prior and Bickleigh. The timetable also has a peak time journey to and from the city centre, which will hopefully help generate commuter numbers on this route.
PH0000135.314 59 Plymouth City Centre, Royal Parade Roborough 30-Jan-2023 Retime last journey on Saturdays to run 10 minutes later T002270

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New experimental document:

Devon & Cornwall Transit: 30 January 2023

Two of the local bus routes that were withdrawn due to low customer usage and extreme pressures on Plymouth City Council’s finances will be partially reintroduced at the end of the month.

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  1. A lot of criticism locally about the timings of the 13 to Holly Park now, missing commuter times entirely and cutting short the likelihood of being used by those going to and from town.
    Perhaps a two hourly service but covering more of the day would have been more beneficial for those that are likely to use it.

    Given the times, I suspect it’ll soon be being cancelled again, seeing as PCB have adopted the ‘use it or lose it’ stance.

    1. Think 🤔 it will get use in morning

    2. It was most likely done intentionally. PCB have a history of changing stuff then within weeks or months of it changing- they change it back again!

    3. Presumably the people who can't use it at commuter times will continue to do what they did when the route didn't exist at all? The time to be critical was when the Council withdrew funding for the 44A.

    4. Julian, I quite agree. And that’s why so many people were vocal and critical when the council withdrew the funding. Vocal enough, some might say, that the feeble reintroduction has been put on in the first place. Remember the service has been gone for just short of a month, we aren’t talking an elongated period of time here.

  2. Devon's BSIP (Bus Service Improvement Plan) bid did mention improved links for the South Hams, so it is possible some of the funding will be used to replace the Tally Ho services with new routes, or a flexible DRT (Demand Responsive Transit) scheme.


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