13 December 2022

No longer brand spanking new...

If you are “lucky” enough to read Plymouth Live you will have been treated to this “News Story” today, although its really stretching the definition of News…

Plymouth dirtiest Stagecoach bus is so filthy you cant see its route number!

The bus has been spotted travelling up Royal Parade and along Exeter Street in the past few days and many people have dubbed the vehicle 'Plymouth's dirtiest bus'.

Chris Whyte on Twitter wrote: "Is this the dirtiest bus in Plymouth and the South West @StagecoachSW? This bus has been like this for the past week or so. I know that bus companies are trying to save money but this is ridiculous."

Web capture_13-12-2022_224826_https_www.plymouthherald.co.uk

my favourite line in the whole article though has to be

“Once brand-spanking new, the double-decker has lost its shiny glow in the past week.”

Surely every bus out there was brand spanking new once?

Its also not helping that the back end of the bus is mainly brown (sorry ‘gold’) anyway

My Library copy of the article can be found here


  1. I laughed at the bit when Plymouth Live said it had been spotted on the 2A and the back of the destination display was not visible. I can clearly see "GOLD" right there.

  2. Must be a slow news day. First 37155 looks dirty thats in milehouse

  3. Given the gritting and the snow, you would expect them to be dirty and you can see where it's going, just look at the front or the side! At least it has shown up! 😂


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