24 November 2022

Changes: WA56HHO

April 2008

Plymouth Citybus 133 WA56HHO

It might have seemed like a good idea at the time, and from the outside at least was quite eye catching when newly applied. (although the view from inside was horrible on a wet day)

February 2010

Plymouth Citybus 133 WA56HHO

By now the contravsion had very badly faded so...

March 2011

Plymouth Citybus 133 WA56HHO

The windows were finally cleared improving the appearance somewhat. Note the bus is either on a 34 or a 43 depending on where you look

September 2014

Plymouth Citybus 133 WA56HHO

Was never a fan of this scheme but it was a welcome improvement for these three buses at least

November 2022

PLYMOUTH Citybus Ltd 133

Looking a bit scruffy but then cant be long left for these?


  1. One for you to post Graham. Spot the error in the photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/benbeaver95/52521707943/in/feed-37415818-1669319214-1-72157721646599391

  2. The 1's to Tavistock also has an error in the blind, rather and saying 'Via Mutley Plain' it says 'Vua'


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