10 November 2022

Changes: SN65ZNS

Its the turn of Stagecoach 10459

March 2017

Stagecoach Devon 10459 SN65NZS

November 2020

Stagecoach 10459 SN65ZNS

November 2022


Another really nice livery consigned to the history books…


  1. It's such a shame Stagecoach decided to stop providing the park and ride service. Although looking at their network in Plymouth not what point is there in actually being there? They don't provide much of a service apart from to Tavistock & Dartmouth, otherwise Citybus easily duplicate a lot of their routes anyway.

  2. Stagecoach have put some of there preserved buses up for sale including 19992 and 19993

  3. Stagecoach has just announced an order for 200 new ADL Enviro400 MMC, to be delivered over the course of next year. An unspecified number have been earmarked for Torquay, presumably these will see off the last Tridents in the South West fleet (apart from the open-toppers).

    1. I would imagine it will be 22 of them Julian and going on Route 12, the current vehicles then moving to routes 22, 7/7A 2 etc.


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