18 July 2022

Fleet Update: Plymouth Citybus e200s

The final update for now bringing us up to date with the current fleet (I hope)

Ex London Enviro 200 SE17 LX07BYB is fleet number 170 with Citybus, but its not now expected to enter service and is expected to be the new Chatterbus.

Fellow Ex London sister SE9 LX07BXR is allocated fleet number 169 but is not expected to enter service either as its no longer needed. Citybus fleet number 171 SN57DWL Ex SE24 will also not be used and  will be stripped for spare parts

Enviro 200s LX07BXO and LX07BXP 167, 168 are both now in service in lull Tramlines livery.

Plymouth Citybus 167 LX07BXO

167 16th July © Mark Bailey

I will be aiming to keep up to date now so fleet updates should appear more often now.

Thanks as always to those who have kept me up to date and the Mark for the excellent photo


  1. Horrible busses, awful gear box

    1. I think they are alright, the worst ones are the 22 series (2201-2211) semi automatic gear boxes

  2. PCB should have painted the window surrounds black, it looks so messy and odd.

    1. Agreed re the window surrounds.

  3. Fleet update yesterday Milehouse
    80 93 have windscreen stickers For Disposal
    88 89 94 have stickers Ukraine please do not remove any parts from this bus
    91 92 could not see if these had stickers
    371 has stickers Donor bus engine required
    479 has stickers Donor bus for door conversion
    Most of the e400 have stickers Door conversion
    One of the promised batch seems to be missing, still in London?
    SE17 (170)repainted red no graphics. SE15 SE24 untouched
    4002 plain red not graphics etc but with single door


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