07 June 2022

Stagecoach P801-806XTA

One of the first things that Stagecoach did when they took over Devon General was to introduce a batch of decent full size coaches into the fleet to use on its main Plymouth – Exeter X38 and Exeter – Torquay X46 services. They were very much welcomed as they replaced Harrys awful bread vans that had been used for a few years. Remarkably the last of these coaches was only sold for scrap at the end of last year! It has to be said the classic clean design on this Plaxton body has aged very well too.

Stagecoach 52343 P803XTA

52343 8 Feb 2010

Stagecoach 52344 P804XTA

52344 Exeter 22 April 2017

52344 P804XTA Stagecoach Devon

52344 27 November 2006 about to set of for Exeter, one of the main routes these were brought for.

PSVC Trip - Stagecoach Plymouth Depot (The Ride)

52345 23 April 2017 The Ride.  This was the last of the batch to survive with Stagecoach, being sold for scrap in December last year. Its use as a trainer being the reason it lasted so long.


  1. I believe that one of the batch of 6 still survives with Roselyn Coaches

  2. Certainly got their money's worth out of that one it seems. Interesting photos

  3. The glory days of the X38 indeed! It's sad to see how this service has declined now although I suppose the Falcon had some impact.

    There is one possibility: passenger numbers on Gold don't seem to have picked up since the end of Covid restrictions, and it is possible this service may be reduced to hourly. If that is the case, Devon County Council may be prepared to support an hourly service on the X38 (it was part of their Bus Back Better bid) which would retain a half-hourly frequency between Plymouth, Ivybridge and South Brent.

    1. Decline started ahead of Falcon when Michelle Hargreaves reduced X38 frequency & kept adding stops making it less attractive. Agree Gold may be reduced later this year but DCC won't have funds to re-increase it, it will be stretched enough covering other services Stagecoach will be dumping.

    2. When are all these changes going to happen

    3. Rolling programme in stages starting end July area by area

  4. There are no reported changes in the pipeline. However passenger numbers have still not recovered to pre-covid levels and the Government's Bus Recovery Grant ends in October, which suggests service reductions will occur this Autumn.

    1. passenger levels are unlikly to return if my experince over the last 90 days off travel by bus are normal,out off 88 jouneys
      31 buses didn,t turn up or were more than 20 minutes late and two late runnig services were cancelled half way and the passengers
      asked to get next bus.plus there is now a schoolhoilday service which adds 1 hour to the day.have to leave at 0730 instead of 0828,to start at 0930 because every one has schoolhoiladys off. i willnot say which bus company i used to normaly use.but now in the car.

    2. Assume Stagecoach SW?


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