06 May 2022

The last days of the Citybus Darts Part one

Its taken me a while to get round to these but Mark kindly sent in a batch of photos he managed in the last few days of Dart operation:

Eggbuckland  19/04/2022

60 Eggbuckland 19th April 2022

Stoke Damerel  19/04/2022

61 Stoke Damerel 19th April

King's Tamerton  20/04/2022

61 seen in Kings Tamerton 20 April 2022

Thanks again to Mark Bailey for the excellent photos.

More to follow within the next few days…


  1. i seen 251 on the hoe today on "private hire" had other drivers on board so must of been used for some form of training now?

  2. They've served Plymouth well and it won't be the same without them. But time & customer expectations change and to be honest I was expecting Citybus to be in a lot better place fleet wise than what it currently is.

  3. CityBus 506 is out of the Wolferstans livery and into lines, out in service in the new livery today (9/5/22) on 21A


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