29 April 2022

FLiXBUS Plymouth

Plymouth  29/04/2022

Thanks to Mark for this shot of Berry's of Taunton BR21 OCV working the new Flixbus UK045 Plymouth - London service this morning.  It is timetabled to depart at 0820 but left 20 minutes late! 

“I think it is a Van Hool EX16M but details aren't showing on Bus Lists on the Web so may possibly be a re-registration”

You certainly couldn't miss it – It beats the drab non descript livery of National Express by miles!


  1. was FL21 BUS

  2. It is a VH EX16M and was new to Thandi Bus, Smethwick as FL21BUS in June 2021

  3. Thanks for the clearing up its previous identity.


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