13 January 2022

Citybus Paintshop

Its been a while since there was any fleet news here – partly because not a lot is happening at the moment!

However thanks to Jason Beverley we have some repaint news for Plymouth Citybus:

Plymouth Citybus 167 LX07BXD

167 has now been finished in Transport for Cornwall livery

Plymouth Citybus 565

565 is in being prepped for advert livery / wrap – No details as to what this is yet..

and finally for now..

Plymouth Citybus 522

522 is also in the paint shop – to receive Transport for Cornwall livery


  1. 565 mainly purple overall for St Luke's Hospice 40 years

  2. Seems strange that PCB have gone to the expense of single-dooring a 15 year old E200 rattle box, especially for Cornwall.

  3. considering the Bus Improvement Scheme has been drawn up, i'm not surprised PCB are bringing old buses in rather than buying new right now. The expense of purchasing well over 100 new buses for the Improvement Scheme is going to be pretty high. Avg age of their fleet required to be 7 years. Currently with buses ranging from 2003 to 2021, likely to see all the pre 2013 buses leave the fleet. They won't be able to do engine overhauls as it's the facilities the buses carry rather than emissions standard which are changing.


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