10 December 2021

Special Night Buses for Plymouth

Special late night buses will be running on two key party nights this Christmas to help Plymouth party-goers get home safely.
Plymouth’s Best Bar None scheme is funding the buses, which it hopes will be just the ticket for people out celebrating on 17 and 18 December – the Friday and Saturday before the Christmas weekend.
The night buses will run from Derry’s Cross at midnight, 2am and 4am. Buses will run each route three times on both nights.

Night bus

  • Route 1 is Devonport – St Budeaux – Ernesettle – Whitleigh – Southway – Crownhill – Peverell – Mutley
  • Route 2 is St Judes – Alexandra Road – Lipson – Embankment – Woodford – Chaddlewood – Ridgeway – Merafield – Haye Road – Elburton – Plymstock – Cattedown
  • Route 3 is Mutley – Lower Compton – Higher Compton – Deer Park – Lower Eggbuckland – Leigham – Estover – Derriford – Woolwell – Crownhill – Manadon – Ham – North Prospect

All routes are between 16 and 17 miles long so the timings should allow drivers to get their breaks in between runs.

Catherine Macdonald, Chair and Coordinator of Plymouth’s Best Bar None said: “We think these two nights are going to be the busiest of the festive period and so after talking to our partners – the Council, Devon and Cornwall Police and Pubwatch - have decided to trial night buses.

“We know people are worried about how they can get back home after a great night out and as an industry we wanted to do something about it!”

Councillor John Riley, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Community Safety, said: “This is great news. I’m sure a lot of people will be really pleased to hear about this – especially parents who worry about younger drinkers getting back home safely.

“We want people to go out and enjoy themselves in our clubs, pubs and bars in the run up to Christmas but we also know there are real concerns about how people can get back home – particularly late at night.”

Security staff will be on the buses just in case some of the ‘happier’ revellers get a little out of hand, A flat fare of £6 will be charged for all trips and people are being strongly encouraged to book here so that they know they have a seat and can be confident they can get home to bed. There are about 55 seats per bus so it is wise to book soon.

Best Bar None is an accreditation scheme supported by the Home Office and drinks industry that aims to improve standards in the evening and night time economy. Through a combination of responsible management and operation of licensed premises, ongoing improvements, and social responsibility, Best Bar None’s goal is to help provide a safer night out to all.

Community Safety

The tickets seem to be £6 each with some quite strict rules:

Tickets are non-transferable and must be used on the service which has been booked at that time and date.

Limited to a maximum of 53 seats.

No refunds available.

There are no toilet facilities on the bus.

There will be no food or drink allowed on the bus.

Security reserve the right to refuse access to anybody who is too intoxicated, or whose behaviour is not deemed acceptable.

Passengers will have to produce their ticket and ID to access the bus.

The bus will leave at the allotted time, passengers must have boarded the bus by this time.

Passengers accept that they will be recorded by body worn camera, recording both sound and images for all passengers and staff safety.

Passengers who's behaviour risks the safety of others or is considered anti-social may have their ID details and CCTV footage of any incidents on the bus passed to the police.

Passengers are responsible for their own safety once they leave the bus.

If you have a safety concern while on the bus please tell one of the security guards or the driver.

In order to leave the bus, passengers can ring to bell to be dropped off at the nearest safe position to stop.

The main question that appears unanswered in this is who is providing the three 53 seater coaches for these services? Can anyone out there confirm please? No service registrations have appeared yet – but they they are running behind anyway.


  1. What a load of nonsense, Bristol has night buses without all this fuss.

    1. but Bristol is a lot bigger and can probably sustain a decent night service. It has been tried several times in Plymouth but never really succeeded. Of course this is just a special event for the Christmas party season rather than a proper attempt at a night bus service.

  2. Tamar Coaches - the FB page for the Plymouth Night Bus features a picture of one of their fleet.

  3. Had a feeling it would be Tamar. I wouldn't be paying £6 to spend hour on bus going all around the city to get home. Taxi would be about £5.50 and take 10 mins max

    1. £6 for a taxi - wow you must be living very close to town! Would cost me £12 on a normal evening - let alone late night on a weekend.


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