21 November 2021

Devon & Cornwall Transit 2021: Week 46

It is time for the usual weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week. As always click through for more details including timetables and maps.

Just a few odds and ends this last week.

  • Dealtop (Dartline) have a new timetable in place from this week on Okehampton 118.
  • Summercourt cancel their registration for the 451
  • AB Coaches cancel their 509 from January
  • Redwoods Travel change timetables for their 681 682 697 also from January
 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesOPERATOR
PH0005305.058 118 Okehampton, Limehayes Road Tavistock Bus Station 20-Nov-2021 From 20th November trains will operate between Exeter and Okehampton on the Dartmoor Line. To coincide with this we are making some changes to service 118, Tavistock – Okehampton, with some journeys operating to Okehampton Railway station. (further changes announced from 12 December 2021) DEALTOP LTD
PH1011427.073 451 Probus Square Penair School 08-Nov-2021 Cancelled SUMMERCOURT TRAVEL LTD
PH0006652.013 509 Brixham Totnes 03-Jan-2022 Cancelled A B COACHES LTD
PH1077645.006 681 Farway, Church Green Honiton, Tesco 03-Jan-2022 Variation to timetable REDWOODS TRAVEL LTD
PH1077645.005 682 Honiton Tesco Heathfield Tesco 03-Jan-2022 Variation to route and timetable REDWOODS TRAVEL LTD
PH1077645.001 697 Hemyock, Lower Millhayes Tiverton Bus Station 06-Jan-2022 Variation to to route, timetable and stopping arrangements REDWOODS TRAVEL LTD

Other than the 118 above there are no timetable changes this week

In the news this week:

another tease from Marc at First South West...

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  1. Dartline's Wright Streetlite MX62 ANR and Optare Solo SR YJ18 DLN have appeared with branding promoting route 118 as a Rail Link route.


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