14 September 2021

Devon General Remembered

DGOT buses at Devon General Remembered event in Tiverton

Four buses from the Devon General Omnibus Trust’s collection took part in the ‘Devon General Remembered’ running day at Tiverton on Sunday 5th September 2021. The event was organised by the Devon General Society.

Making its public debut was 1957 Weymann-bodied AEC Reliance VDV 798, the restoration of which had only been completed a few days earlier. The event was also the first opportunity for the Trust’s 1953 AEC ‘Light Six’ ETT 995 to carry members of the public since its acquisition earlier in the year. Completing the DGOT’s line-up were its 1952 AEC Regent III NTT 661 and 1957 AEC Regent V VDV 817.

Peter Murnaghan, DGOT’s chairman, said “We are incredibly grateful to our volunteer Sam Merrifield for leading 798’s four-year restoration and for pulling out all the stops to get the bus ready in time. In total our buses carried over 500 passengers during the day, bringing back some great memories of the Devon General services in and around Tiverton.”

All photos © Russell Ayre used with permission

AEC Regent ETT 995.Cotteylands, Tiverton.05.09.21.RAyre.

AEC Regent III.NTT661 .Blundell's School Tiverton.05.09.21.RAyre

AEC Regent V.VDV 817. Lowman Green, Tiverton.05.09.21.RAyre

AEC Reliance VDV 798. Blundell's School.Tiverton. 05.09.21.RAyre

AEC Reliance.TUO74J. Long Drag.05.09.21.RAyre

AEC Reliance.VDV798.Bickleigh Bridge.5.9.21.RAyre.

Civic Party - Tiverton Bus Stn.05.09.21.RAyre

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