27 September 2021

All Change…

Book Review by Peter Murnaghan

All Change - The story of Cornwall's buses in the 21st Century

all change I have just read Keith Shayshutt's latest book, which follows on from his earlier work 'Western National in the 1990s'. This new book is a terrific read if you are interested in how we have arrived at the current organisation of bus companies serving Cornwall and the highs and lows of the last 20 years.

The author isn't interested in fleet numbers or chassis codes, but rather in how some companies have succeeded in establishing route networks, while others have failed.

The story covers the steady reduction in services provided by First Devon & Cornwall in the early years. And the rise of Western Greyhound to a point where it covered all four compass points of the county, before its dramatic fall. The role of smaller companies, such as Truronian, Liskeard & District, Jacketts, A-Line Coaches and many more are covered in a simple, clear format.

The revival of First's Cornwall by Kernow is covered and the recent expansion of Plymouth Citybus, under its Go Cornwall Bus brand, within the council's Transport for Cornwall network is explained, together with the role of the smaller operators within the contract. The story is fully up to date, referencing the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown at the beginning of the contract, with its devastating fall in passenger numbers.

Each chapter covers a separate year and clear maps show, at a glance, the coverage of influential operators, whose colours change as the year progresses.

We live in interesting times and this book is a fascinating record of how we have arrived at our current bus network in the county.

The book is available direct from the author at £22.50 including postage. Contact him by email at keith.shayshutt1 @ gmail.com (omitting the spaces).

[You can also order via e-bay if you find that easier]

You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for the review Peter. I have already ordered mine!

all change

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