23 August 2021

Embankment Motors Albion

A request from Mark Bailey (apologies for taking so long to post this) :

I have a question (for older readers!) on behalf of a friend who is writing a book on the history of Albion Motors of Scotland.

From the early 1950s onwards, new coaches purchased by Embankment Motors of Plymouth were almost always Bedfords.  However in 1959 they bought a new Albion Nimbus NS3N in chassis form only, which in itself was most unusual.  They then built their own bodywork on it, something they'd never done before, and produced quite a stylish little 29-seater coach, registered SJY 380 - there are a few photographs of it on the internet. This entered service in 1960 and appeared at the British Coach Rally in Brighton that year.  For whatever reason it had a short life with Embankment and was sold in 1961 to an operator in the South East of England.

Does anyone happen to know the reasons

a) why this chassis was purchased?

b) why Embankment decided to build its own bodywork?

c) why it was sold after only a year?

Finally does anyone have a decent photograph of it that they would be willing to share with the author?

There is at least one photo of the coach on Flickr – and it is quite a stylish little body [https://flic.kr/p/wGUDru]

If anyone does have any information or answers I will forward them on (or leave them as comments here)

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  1. When students we were always welcome to view progress in their West Hoe garage. I seem to remember it had a/c before it became common. It was bought to give winter work to their employees thus answering a) & b). c) don't know why sold also don't think I have a good photo,Film and developing was very expensive for students!


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