23 May 2021

Devon & Cornwall Transit

The usual weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week. Click on the licence numbers for full details on each route including timetables and maps.

Week 20

Fairly quiet this last week and most of these are catch ups…

Stagecoach 91 and 95 changed a couple of weeks ago.

First South West catch up with the delay to the start of the Exmoor Explorer.

Torbay Community – the only ‘future’ registration is a new timetable for the 65 from the 1st June

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes OPERATOR
CB001589/B1737 65 Torquay The Willows Torquay Market Street 01-Jun-2021 Amend route & Timetable TORBAY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST
PH1020951.339 91 Dartmouth P&R Dartmouth 07-May-2021 Return of park and ride post lockdown STAGECOACH DEVON LTD
PH1020951.031 95 Exeter Sandy Bay (Devon Cliffs) 07-May-2021 Revised timetable to increase to 30 mins between peaks STAGECOACH DEVON LTD
PH0004983.607 Exmoor Coaster Doniford, Doniford Road/ Sea Lane Lynmouth, Lyndale Car Park 16-May-2021 Temporary timetable variation due to Coronavirus - service suspended until 29 May 2021 FIRST SOUTH WEST LIMITED

The Week Ahead Week 21

I've included this one as according to the registration the service starts this week although Traveline have it starting from the 16th. First don't mention the service at all.

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes OPERATOR
PH0004983.611 Falmouth Park and Ride Falmouth, Ponsharden Park and Ride Site Falmouth, Marine Road, National Maritime Museum 27-May-2021 Daily, hourly new service.
Traveline state start date 16 May 2021. Registration is from 27th May. No timetables to be seen on First web site or anywhere else!


Its been a bit quiet here at the moment due to work pressures and also having catch up on work time over the weekend. My wife is unwell and will be going for a major operation shortly which will also keep us in social isolation for a few weeks more while restrictions are being lifted for everyone else! I do hope to bring an update on the Plymouth Citybus fleet this week.


  1. Sorry to hear that hope all goes well.

  2. Jason and other bus enthusiasts have said that we are getting the following from GAL:
    SE7 - LX07BXO (Enviro 200)
    SE8 - LX07BXP (Enviro 200)
    SE9 - LX07BXR (Enviro 200)
    SE17 - LX07BYB (Enviro 200)
    E39 - LX06FKO (Enviro 400)
    E41 - LX56ETE (Enviro 400)
    E50 - LX56ETV (Enviro 400)
    E53 - LX56EUA (Enviro 400)
    E55 - LX56EUC (Envrio 400)

  3. You won’t see a timetable on a First website for the Maritime Museum P&R
    It’s a pure contract
    The information will rightly appear from the NMM

    1. Thanks for the explanation - I did suspect this to be the case but couldnt find anything on the service!

  4. The start dates for SC 91 & 95 do not look right, surely they began earlier as was the case with the 122!

  5. Citybus recieving 7 ex GAL. 3 E400s, 4 E200s at the moment likely to be more. E200 numberings to follow the ex Yorkshire batch. E400s to follow the other ex GAL apparently however could follow the Scania from Brighton in 6000s

  6. 91 & 95 already running well before stated start dates!

    1. Thanks, I thought as much. SC have made lots of changes that have yet to appear on their registrations. Maybe one day they will catch up!

  7. Off topic but just to say CityBus 6016 is now painted into lines livery (joining 6009 and 6013).


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