01 April 2021

Adventures by Bus: North Plymouth Tour

Over the last few months First South West have been expanding their open top fleet and preparing them in a variety of liveries under the new Adventures by Bus banner. The latest one was captured on camera whilst on driver route learning duties as it heads towards Asda having completed the loop around the Estover Industrial Estate. It will then head towards Plymouth Airport before running around Plymouth International Business Park for The Range and the old Western Morning News ‘Ship’ building and then into the grounds of Derriford hospital where it will tour around the back of the hospital site, pausing by the Derriford Health & Leisure Centre where passengers can enjoy a coffee and a teacake at a discounted rate.

Estover Tour Final

As with the Dartmoor Explorer this is likely to be a very popular run which I know many will be looking forward to riding on. Full details and timetables will be released shortly in the new Adventures by Bus timetable booklet which is due out very soon.

Of course this was a Photoshopped image - First South West may be ambitious but they are not mad! Thanks for all the kind comments here and on Facebook / Flickr. Have a Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. That sounds like a very scenic route, Graham. I'd like to be one of the first April riders to try out this route. Cheers.

  2. Very good im no fool tho

  3. Is this a wind up how is places like derriford, asda and Plymouth closed airport classed as breath taking views, places like the moors etc is what I call breath taking views.

  4. hi do u where first is keeping there buses seeing has got collage runs.dartmoor buses and open top tour must a have small depot in plymouth .or use stage coach depot
    just intetsted

  5. Makes sense I heard rumours Plymouth City Airport is reopening with AirSouthWest restarting flights.

  6. Will the tour also include the breathtaking beauty of the Forder Valley roadworks? Nothing my wife likes more than seeing a Hi Viz clad working showing off his builders bum!!

  7. Any news on the Dartmoor Explorer timetable yet

    1. nope! I would imagine it will appear sometime towards end of April

  8. that want pay the tour if.is.true


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