29 March 2021

Road Rage?

News from last week which I wasn't going to post on, as the reporting was extremely vague to say the least and often contradictory.

A bus driver has been released on bail pending further investigation after an incident on Royal Parade on Wednesday.

Devon and Cornwall Police were called to the area at around 9.15pm on March 24, to reports of a collision between a bus and a pedestrian.

One man was taken to hospital with a serious arm injury. It was later confirmed both men involved in the incident were bus drivers.

PlymouthLive reported yesterday that a 59-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

Police have now confirmed the 59-year-old bus driver has been arrested on suspicion of causing injury by dangerous driving and released on bail pending further enquiries until April 17.

The injured driver was taken to Derriford Hospital after suffering a serious injury to their arm.

At the time of the incident, a cordon was put in place around the scene and the road was closed to all traffic as officers carried out their enquiries.

On Thursday, a police spokesperson said: "We are very keen to hear from any independent witnesses who saw any part of the incident, from the initial contact between the two buses to the altercation between the two men and the incident which followed.

"We have spoken with the man who has been arrested but we have yet to take a full statement from the injured man as he remains at Derriford Hospital.

"At this stage of the enquiry the matter is being investigated as an assault, although this may change."

Various versions of the story have been given although it does seem that it was between drivers from different bus companies although only Citybus appears in any of the pictures that I have seen. There was a response to Plymouth Live from one of the senior managers at Citybus stating to The Herald that although the news item seemed o suggest it was a Citybus driver that had been arrested – this was not the case. Sadly this correction does not seem to have made it into any of the published news items I have seen so far.

It has to be said that issues like this between drivers are extremely rare, even in days of heavy company competition, drivers themselves seem to remain on good terms with drivers from rival operators. The only time I have seen genuine anger between two drivers was many years ago after one made a  dangerous ‘undertake’ on Royal Parade which could have been nasty if the other driver hadn't taken avoiding action. This was over 20 years ago!


  1. So 568 in the pic may of had nothing todo with it at all. The argument may not be work related the drivers may have been known to each other on a personal basis.and as always in legal cases it is only allegations until it goes to a court of law and true facts are made open to public the accused is still innocent

  2. Stagecoach driver arrested for dangerous driving released no further action after cctv from both companies viewed. Citybus driver was the one who got out of his cab and threatened the Stagecoach driver . He stayed in his cab (correctly) at all times discussing incident through window. Plymouth Luve has apologised to Stagecoach driver for error in original report

  3. On the other hand the Citybus driver may have got out to exchange insurance details like he should have done if there had been a collision between the two buses. We'll probably never know. Let's just hope that the Citybus driver makes a full recovery and is able to resume his job soon.


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