06 January 2021

The New Guard

As you know, Plymouth Citybus have just taken over a tranche of Plymouth City Council tendered services from Stagecoach Devon, and one of the routes to change hands is the 39 serving Hartley Vale. 

The first shot is of Stagecoach Solo 47597, pictured waiting time at the Beaumaris Road stop in Hartley Vale on the final day of operation, New Years Eve.   The service was worked either by Solos or Enviro200s, with the occasional appearance of a Dart instead.

Hartley Vale  31/12/2020

Today (4th January) is the first day of operation by Citybus who are using former Target Travel short Enviro200 161.  The second shot shows 161 in Kneele Gardens approaching the green, its destination indicator still hard to read for the travelling public - it has been like this since Citybus acquired the vehicle! 

Hartley Vale  04/01/2021

The bus stops on either side of the green in Kneele Gardens have been updated to show the new timetable, but bizarrely the Beaumaris Road shelter (visible on the Stagecoach shot) has not, despite this being where the buses wait time, and where the majority of passengers get on and off.  The old Stagecoach timetable is still displayed, which is misleading as the times have changed and the bus now leaves several minutes earlier than shown!

Thanks to Mark Bailey for the info and the photos which are his copyright.


  1. 7/1/21 - The new guard is in full swing (2207 on Route 39 today) but some of the old guard are still going strong:

    Darts seen in service today - 68 (Route 28), 70 (Route 35) and 71 (Route 51A).
    Other buses of note: 370 (Route 23), 372 (Route 50), 254 (Route 18), 6012 (Route 34)

  2. 12/1/21 - Seen in service today 65 (Route 44 and changed to 35), 68 (Route 35A), 70 (inbound at Derrys Cross but showing NIS) and 53 (outbound on North Hill but only saw rear and its back number screen doesn't work)
    Also: 370, 371, 372, 375 and 376 all out in service (across routes 20A, 23, 24 and 48)

  3. 27/01/21 - Seen in service, 63 on route 20A


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