24 December 2020

Six Thousand Scanias for Citybus.

The fleet numbers for the Brighton Scanias have now been confirmed – Not what I expected at least! Thanks to Jason for the photo

Ex Brighton now with Plymouth Citybus Citybus

© Jason Beverley

Thanks as ever to the company for confirming the numbers which are as follows

6001 YN04GKC
6002 YN04GKD
6003 YN04GKE
6004 YN04GKF
6005 YN04GKG
6006 YN04GKJ
6007 YN04GKK
6008 YN04GJX
6009 YN54AOU
6010 YN54AOV
6011 YN54AOW
6012 YN54AOX
6013 YN54AOY
6014 YN05GZH
6015 YN05GZK
6016 YN05GZM
6017 YN55NFD
6018 YN55NFJ

Have a great SAFE Christmas everybody and thanks for all your support over this very difficult year.


  1. Merry Christmas to you, Graham.

    Thanks for maintaining this site during what has been the year from hell. Things can only get better!

  2. Thanks for info and merry christmas

  3. Hear hear! Merry Christmas from me too, and hopefully a happy new year for us all.

    V in Saltash

  4. 6014 on route 34 this morning

  5. 6012 also on 34. Routes taken over from Stagecoach 13 had 254 bis, 18/19 had 160, 31 had 161 and 14 had 2207, 2210.

  6. Correction 161 on 39 not 31, sorry.


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