27 November 2020

Dennis Darts–the remaining 52’s

It is clear that days of the Plymouth Citybus Dennis Darts are numbered, even if they have lingered in service a little longer than expected. A few pictures from the last few weeks of those that are left still working starting with the 52’s

Plymouth Citybus 053 GU52HKA

Plymouth Citybus 060 WJ52GNY

Plymouth Citybus 062 WJ52GOA

Plymouth Citybus 063 WJ52GOCPlymouth Citybus 065 WJ52GOH


  1. 27/11/20 - Out and about in town today, sighted today 63 (NIS), 68, 69 and 71 (route 9)

  2. A shame when they are still perfectly useable buses and would be idea on some of the Cornish routes instead of brand new MMCs.


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