09 October 2020

Happy Birthday Stagecoach

It seems that Stagecoach is 40 years old today!

These days Stagecoach is part of the furniture but before they purchased the Plymouth operation from First they were in Plymouth on the X38 from Exeter. So here is just a random selection of X38 photos to mark the occasion

Stagecoach Devon P564MSX

P564MSX Plymouth 2001


52344 P804XTA these fine coaches served on the X38 for many years

Stagecoach 18112 WA04FNZ

18112 Trident June 2009

Stagecoach Devon 10462 SN65NZV

10462 December 2017

Stagecoach 24150 WA59FXG

24150 August 2015. Exeter will feel quite a long way on one of these.

1 comment:

  1. It's striking how many people are on Trident 18112 in the June 2009 photo, it shows how the route has declined since. I guess it's a combination of Falcon and an improved rail service between the two cities.


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