30 October 2020

Dart Demise Draws Nearer

If you are a fan of the Plymouth Citybus Dennis Dart then make the most of them now as their days are drastically numbered with many of the remaining buses now in reserve and unlikely to see service again. Their may a few left in service into November but they are all due out of service.

Other fleet news is that the last of the Go South Coast loan fleet has been returned to GSC so no more more…

With all the new buses entering service (just a few left to arrive) there is clearly going to be clear out. The recently acquired Scania / Wright single deckers are also due to go, although the East Lancs buses may stay a while?

As always plans can and do change…

My online fleet list has just been updated for the first time in a month or so.

Plymouth Citybus 001 N101UTT

Number 1 seen back in 2005


  1. Plymouth will not be the same without it's darts.

  2. So are Plymouth getting new buses or are they all going to Cornwall?

  3. I am already missing the darts

  4. Yesterday, 9/11/20, 53 on route 44, 62 on 24, 63 (can't remember) and 68 on 807 were still in service.
    Also 416 on school run 810

  5. Have also seen 76 (route 25), 72, 64 (school run) and 78 in service in the last week

  6. 65 been on the 51/51A this week aswell

  7. 16/11/20 - Seen in service today 60 (route 35B), 68 (route 5A), 69 (route 43) and 70 (route 9)

  8. 17/11/20 - Only seen 69 in service today, on 42C
    Of note, 370 (route 24), 371 (route 25), 372 (NIS) and 376 (route 24) all in service
    470 is not withdrawn and was in service on 51.
    157 is in plain red
    416 in service on route 5


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