06 September 2020

Roselyn TB1

From Monday 07th September, passengers using the TB1 service will see a minor change to the service provided.

Our friends at Roselyn Coaches will be taking over the operation of the service from Plymouth Citybus.

The start of September is always a challenging time of the year and with Covid-19 still very much with us we needed to ensure the safety of our passengers as they start to return to places of work around the city. We also made the commitment to ensure that school children could travel safely to and from school. In order to achieve this we needed to provide additional buses to transport school children separately from the general public and in order to achieve this we needed a little help along the way.

We also wanted to make sure that we could provide a reliable and safe service for passengers wishing to travel across the bridge whilst being able to offer a service capable of maintaining social distancing.

Passengers will notice the change beginning to take place this Monday and whilst we begin this transition period some of our regular drivers will still be on hand to make sure the switch takes place as smoothly as possible.

For those who are unfamiliar to Roselyn Coaches the company can trace its heritage back some 90 years, the last 60 of which have been with the same family. Professional, customer focused and delivering a consistently high quality service at all times are the hallmarks of Roselyn’s resounding success in a hugely competitive market.

The current timetable can be found on the sidebar of this webpage and for any support or questions please email customer.experience@plymouthbus.co.uk

If anyone observes the operation it will be interesting to see what Roselyn are using on the service?


  1. using 484 and 486

  2. Our old tridents are on the tb1

  3. What a surprise old busses being use, citybus used nice new ones, probably be a lot of break downs now

  4. school kids pay a lot off money for use school buses and there useing old buses .bit of a joke

  5. PCB like other operators were asked to run additional school buses to assist with social distancing and to allow for scholars only buses. New buses don't grow on trees or I'm sure operators would have considered picking a few. Most operators use older vehicles on school journeys as the vehicles are in the main used for just two trips a day. No one can afford to have new vehicles standing idle. Unfortunately the behaviour of a minority of the passengers on school buses is another reason why operators hesitate to use newer vehicles. All operators are struggling at the moment with reduced passenger numbers and thus income. It is quite possible that there will be cuts in services and job losses at all the big operators if passenger numbers do not return to near normal levels quickly. Perhaps readers of this fine blog should think twice before posting childish and irrelevant comments about breakdowns.


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