12 September 2020

Cornwall by Kernow timetables

First South West have published details of their new timetables as from 13th September:

Forthcoming Timetables can be viewed here >>>

A1, A2, A3, A5, 91 – no changes

A4: Camborne | Gwithian | Hayle Towans | St Ives

  • Revised to provide three return journeys on Mondays to Fridays only

A17: Pendeen | St Just | Penzance | Carbis Bay | St Ives

  • Mondays to Saturdays – between peak periods diversions via Chy-an-Gweal in Crowlas will be reduced to hourly.
  • Mondays to Saturdays – the 2152 and 2252 from St Ives to Penzance divert to serve St Ives Holiday Village. Times from St Erth station 9 mins later than previously
  • Sundays – 2145 and 2245 from St Ives to Penzance divert to serve St Ives Holiday Village. Times from St Erth station 10 mins later than previously.

L1: Mullion | Helston | Truro | RCH Treliske | Truro College

  • A new service for shoppers visiting Truro. Runs on Mondays to Fridays at 0930 from Mullion and 1000 from Helston from where it goes direct to Truro and then continues to the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske and Truro College.
  • Returns from Truro College at 1325, Treliske at 1330  and Truro bus station at 1345.

M6: Penzance – Newlyn – Mousehole

The last journeys will run 10 mins later than previously. New times:

  • Mondays to Saturdays - 2240 Penzance to Mousehole and 2301 return
  • Sundays – 2230 Penzance to Mousehole and 2251 return

T1/T2: Truro | Redruth | Camborne | Hayle | Penzance T1 or St Ives T2

The daytime frequency remains unchanged but please check the timetable for morning and evening changes which include:

  • Mondays to Fridays - new journeys from Camborne to Truro at 0530 and Truro to Camborne at 0635
  • Saturdays - journeys from Camborne to Truro at 0640 and 0710 and also from Truro to Camborne at 0750 and 0820  withdrawn
  • Mondays to Saturdays - new evening journeys from Camborne to Truro at 2030, 2130 and 2230 with returns from Truro to Camborne at 2135, 2235 and 2335. These buses will replace those previously provided by Go Cornwall Bus on behalf of Transport for Cornwall.

U1/U2/U4: Falmouth | Penryn | Penryn Campus

  • Mondays to Saturdays – every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes in the evening with a last bus from Falmouth at 2352
  • Sundays – every 30 minutes during the day. Evening buses will run every 40 minutes with a last bus from Falmouth at 2330

U1: Falmouth | Penryn | Penryn Campus | Truro

  • No changes on the Penryn Campus to Truro section of route

U2: Falmouth | Penryn | Penryn Campus | Redruth

  • Mondays to Saturdays – no change during the day but extra evening journeys from Falmouth to Redruth at 1922 and 2122 and also from Redruth to Falmouth at 2004 and 2204
  • Sundays – no change

U3: Falmouth | Penryn Campus (direct)

  • Mondays to Fridays during term – every 15 minutes from 0730 to 1900
  • For journeys at other times see U1/U2/U4

U4: Falmouth | Penryn Campus | Helston | Porthleven | Marazion | Penzance

  • Mondays to Saturdays – extra evening journeys at 1840, 2022 and 2222 from Falmouth to Penzance and also 1840, 2010 and 2210 from Penzance to Falmouth. These buses will replace those previously provided by Go Cornwall bus on behalf of Transport for Cornwall.
  • Sundays – no change

24: Fowey | Par | St Blazey | St Austell | Mevagissey | Lost Gardens of Heligan

  • Mondays to Saturdays – 0703 St Blazey to Fowey extended back to start from St Austell South Street at 0637. Also 1835 Fowey to St Blazey extended to St Austell South Street.
  • Sundays – no change

27: Truro | Probus | St Austell | Boscoppa | bugle | Roche | Bodmin

  • Mondays to Saturdays – 1738 and 1838 Bodmin to St Austell will each run five minutes earlier.

87: Newquay | Perranporth | St Agnes | Truro

  • Mondays to Saturdays – no change
  • Sundays – reduced to every two hours for the winter period


These will no doubt eventually appear on the PTBS site, but as usual at the moment they have not appeared on DVSA site (COVID19 has meant a relaxing of the rules) so trying to match up timetables and service registrations is not that easy at the moment!)


  1. It would seem that common sense has returned, with First resuming the evening journeys on routes T1 and U4. It was crazy for Transport for Cornwall (Citybus) to be publicising isolated journeys on these routes, under contract to Cornwall Council, as an entirely separate entity from the daytime journeys on these commercial routes operated by First.
    Such insular nonsense used to occcur during the early days of de-regulation, post 1986, but the industry matured after that. A great pity that we had to go through the summer with separate timetables, although Covid probably obscured this daftness from most people.

    1. Unfortunately not so clear cut. TfC still run some early morning T1 journeys and also the evening journeys between Penzance and Camborne. It now means there are no through evening journeys across Camborne, so arguably worse than it was before.

  2. PLYMOUTH SCHOOLS: Some runs are covered by diverting buses from normal routes for the one run. Vehicles being used include 416,433,442 and it seems whatever E400's are available, (418 although with a green disc does not appear to have been used? Does any one know if 1215/1216 have been used in service? Tavi routes 104 and 105 using coaches: 317,320 on Wednesday.
    CALYWITH COLLEGE: DD routes again seem to be using whatever E400's are available, SD routes Darts, e200 or e200mmc seemingly randomly.
    More info welcomed.

    1. 1215 was being used on the 34 last week on afternoon runs


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