20 July 2020

Stagecoach Improvements

Updated 17.07.20 at 17:28

Service Changes from 26th July 2020

From Sunday 26th July we’re introducing revised timetables on our Exeter routes D, F1/F2 and H1/H2. Rural services 1 and 9A will have some slight changes. Below is a summary of the changes being introduced. Timetables are available to download below.

Route D Service will be reintroduced to operate a bespoke timetable Monday to Saturday, between Exeter University and St Luke's College.

Routes F1/F2 In response to customer feedback we are introducing a new timetable with both services now operating via Stoke Hill. Service F2 will serve Union Road, as opposed to F1. Revised running times throughout. Service L will continue to serve Prince Charles Road.

Routes H1/H2 A revised evening timetable to improve connections for RD&E shift workers. All journeys after around 18:30 will operate 10 minutes later than before.

Route 1 A slight change to the 17:40 journey from Exeter - Tiverton on a Saturday.

Route 9A will have a new 20:17 Seaton to Lyme Regis journey and a new 20:47 Lyme Regis to Sidmouth journey added on Monday to Saturday. Passengers will be able to connect from the new 2047 trip in Sidmouth to the  21:44 bus to Exeter

Route 95 The Open top service is introduced for the summer.

We are also delighted to announce that timetable on our Falcon coach service will be uplifted to pre COVID 19 timings on Monday 27th July.

A couple I missed from earlier:

Service Changes from 13th July 2020

From Sunday 13th July we’re introducing revised timetables on our 7 and 39 routes.

We have enhanced route 39 will some additional trips between Bovey Tracey and Newton Abbot to better suit commuters between these locations.

Due to the current lack of demand, route 7 will now be operating between Totnes and Exeter only and route 7A will be withdrawn until further notice. passengers for Torquay will be able to connect in Newton abbot to the 12.

You can view the new 7 timetable here and the new 39 timetable here.


  1. Whoops https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/bus-stuck-under-nailsea-backwell-4351104

  2. PCB have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, their buses have broken down at least 50 times in Cornwall since taking over the Cornwall services

    1. Give the contract back to First they were much better Imagine how much PCB would have struggled if it were not for Covid 19 cuts!

    2. Pro first anti go ahead if you said that on southampton bus blog you would wake up with a horses head on your pillow

    3. If First is supposed to be so good, why are they refusing to include the Transport for Cornwall tendered journeys on their commercial routes?

    4. Ah to be fair First were ok down here I think. Their Plymouth services whilst run with old stock were always pretty reliable I feel and a lot cheaper than Go Ahead. Stagecoach who took over from First Inn the city 5 years ago are also much cheaper than Go Ahead too.

  3. Transport for Cornwall and the council were unable to supply information for tendered journeys from 12 July before First leaflets sent to printers.

    1. I think it's a symptom of the current situation where very short notice registrations are allowed. The council wouldn't have known what journeys to provide because First didn't submit their registrations until the last minute. That's no criticism of First - it's just the way things are at the moment.


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