31 July 2020

Service Updates

Catching up with a few changes for this week: As usual click through on the licence for full details inc timetables where available

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes OPERATOR
PH1086607.005 33 Royal Square, St Ives, Polmanter Higher Penderleath Caravan & Camping Park 25-Jul-2020 Timetable revision - Corona virus recovery plan.. NOT on Traveline NICHOLAS COLIN EASTWOOD
PH1086607.019 44 St Ives, Royal Square, Trevalgan Touring Park St Ives, Royal Square 25-Jul-2020 Timetable revision - Corona virus recovery plan. Timetables don’t match up with Traveline but several sets of timetables are available! NICHOLAS COLIN EASTWOOD
PH1038599.003 293 FOWEY TRURO 05-Aug-2020 Service reintroduced with full timetable ROSELYN COACHES LTD
PH0007049.001 SF1 Tiverton, Phoenix Lane, Taunton Bridgewater Coach Station 01-Aug-2020 Timetable revision - Corona virus recovery plan. BERRYS COACHES (TAUNTON) LTD


  1. PCB fleet update 322 has had TfC and school bus logos applied but still in City Coach livery. 525 & 2005 repainted TfC red. 470 is back at Milehouse lacking front of roof etc. itfollowing canopy fuel station strike. 513 has Go Cornwall names on red swoops livery.

    1. I saw 513 on the 70s today. It is still in Plymouth Citybus Swoop. 517 and 155 wear the GCB Swoop and 531-536 wear the Kewgh Kernow Swoop.

  2. 313 and 314 now driving school. 416 and 418 along with 433 442 being prepared for service

  3. First using 34137 yes 34137(i thought id got drunk from amount of hand sanitizer absorbed)on st ives branch supplements at busy times as it a tacho bus and last min hire in.

    1. Nothing to do with tacho and it’s not a ‘last minute hire’.
      It’s been specifically provided for GWR to try and encourage branch line passengers to use the bus provision direct to St Ives to relieve capacity on trains. Kernow has been providing cover on the branch for a couple of weeks now and are booked for the week ahead for 6 days.


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