08 May 2020

Kingsbridge 2020 Cancelled

kingsbridge 2020

It was perhaps inevitable really but the official announcement has been made:

With regret, we've taken the very difficult decision to cancel our ever-popular Kingsbridge Vintage Bus Running Day, planned for 19 September 2020. We know how much the event is valued and loved by the town and the many thousands of visitors who come along each year; however, we feel sure you'll support our view that, in the midst of the current pandemic, it would not be appropriate to plan for an event that brings us so closely together. In place of the physical gathering, an alternative form of event is being planned for 19 September, which we hope you can enjoy from wherever you are. TV&GWOT Supporters can read a bit more in our latest 'Service 19' newsletter, scheduled to arrive this morning. Please also keep an eye on www.tvagwot.org.uk for more info over the coming weeks.

Its hard to see any bus events running this year.


  1. Stay safe everybody, and a big thanks Graham for continuing to provide interesting reading despite everything going on in the world
    Be safe and best wishes everyone

  2. Out of a total of 31 events planned for 2020 this is the last one to be cancelled. Probably for the best but it is irritating. Hopefully TVGWOT pull out the stops and make next years events the best they've ever done!

  3. Plymouth Rally will be cancelled


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