21 April 2020

Two for Today: STKs

Kind of before and after restoration, although I don't believe that 133 STK133T has actually been restored? I seem to recall it being sold on but I am sure someone can update us.

Plymouth City Transport 133 STK133T

STK133T seen in 2017

Plymouth City Transport STK131T

STK131T July 2016 – a superb looking machine which shows that ere of Plymouth City Transport at its best. I always liked this batch of buses, somehow the East Lancs bodied Atlanteans never seemed quite as good. I always did prefer single doored buses anyway.


  1. If my records are correct dident southampton citybus have 121 126-8 i always remember as a kid seeing them on way to school on 5/25 a lot and have to agree thought they looked smarter then the native east lance body cant recall going on 1 tho as it was 90s and non of them were in the scb schoolbus fleet(yellowband round middle).
    P.s Sorry to swear at you graham

    1. some certainly did go to southampton but cant recall much more at the moment! did I miss you swearing at me?

    2. Southampton is a swear word to a person from portsmouth!

  2. Last time I saw STK133T was at Brittany Ferries.

  3. Last time I saw STK133T was at Brittany Ferries.

  4. There is a picture on Flickr of STK133T in restored condition at the Weymouth rally in 1980. I don't know where it is now.


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