19 April 2020

Two for Today: Bristol VRs

I must admit its hard to keep motivated at the moment with not a lot going on for obvious reasons and yet loads to catch up on. Working from home is a lot harder than I thought it would be so I have not spent as much time on PT as I would normally.

To keep things going I will now be posting Two for Today – with two connected photos from my archives. It might not be every day but hopefully most of them! If anything interesting does happen at all then there will be other posts in between

First Western National 1229 TWN936S

1229 First Western National VRT looks quite smart in its North Devon red version of the dumbed down livery which started so promisingly as the Badger & flags livery

First Western National 1199 LFJ843W

Speaking of which the badger may have gone but the flags remain on 1199 which it has to be said looks well past its best, as did many of the fleet at this time (2002).

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