23 April 2020

Thanking you all.

I make no apologies for another of these posts…

I think the local bus companies have done us proud over the last few weeks both in providing a service at all when hardly anyone is traveling and the amazing support they have shown for the NHS and also for the other little things they have been doing over the last few weeks ranging from colouring in sheets, puzzles and even print your own bus kits. Most of the operators have also been very busy posting regular tributes thanking their staff for continuing to provide the service, despite the obvious risk in doing so. As an NHS worker for all of my working life I am bloody proud of the NHS and Derriford Hospital in particular. As a life long bus enthusiast I am also bloody proud of ALL the local bus companies for their support of the NHS. I am also bloody proud of all the drivers, many of whom I have built up friendships with over the last 15 years of running this blog and the managers who are keeping the whole thing running.

For all of those who took place in the clap this evening I salute you back. Thank You. and thank you all of those on the front line of the NHS.

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