20 March 2020

Stay In. Stay Safe.

A common sense notice from friends at Citybus:

Following a top level meeting tonight setting out our company response to the ongoing Corona Virus situation whilst we at Go South West are keen advocates of the bus enthusiast movement and by arrangement usually try to accommodate depot visits where possible the current and predicted ongoing situation regarding social distancing etc is likely to mean that depot visits will be declined until the situation improves. Should things get more serious it is very likely that depots will be restricted to authorised staff only. We hope you will appreciate and understand this situation and our need to take some difficult decisions in the interest of public health at the current time.

This will be the case with any operator at this time - The bottom line is that we should be at home anyway apart from essential activities – and as much as we all enjoy our hobby – bus spotting isnt essential.

Stay safe everyone.


  1. I think we have gone over the top with coronavirus it's the flu not the plaugue

    1. I have family in Italy, and i can tell you now, it's incredibly serious. They've been in lockdown for just over a week now, and the numbers of cases and deaths are still growing.

      What makes this more serious than the flu, is the fact we have no immunity or vaccine.

    2. What an ill informed and unintelligent comment to make, shame on you!

    3. Ive unfortunatley got it so am more then happy to share it with u if u want to see for your self yes it is like flu but as im asthmatic it has played havoc with it. I been sat in a room for 4 days now bored senceless looking forward till when im out of isolation

    4. Please watch this video from Sky News and tell me again if you think we have "gone over the top".... https://youtu.be/INmEciVm-6Q (Scenes may be distressing to some)

  2. Italy has the largest population of Over 70s in the world, so there are more at risk. Those of us in category C in UK if we get it will experience flu-like, but possibly stronger and more aggressive symptons. Either way, we need to prevent it spreading and as much as we are annoyed and incoinvienced by social distancing and government response we have to go along with it to save lives - whoever they are and whatever age they are. It is not the plague, nor the war, for most of us (including Government) it is the first big thing like this we have had to deal with. Hopefully when it warms up, it will go way as it does not like sun or heat - never before have we wanted the summer to come so much! Keep smiling, listen to medical advice not social or printed media and we will get through this together. There are plenty of old buses to look and fleet news to keep up on - I am currently looking at buses when i go on my phone not sport or news or facebook.

  3. As you say Graham.. common sense


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