31 March 2020

Plymothian Transit is FIFTEEN TODAY

The 31st March 2005 saw a little noticed new addition to the internet

At this point I dont really have a clue what is going to appear here or how it is going to end up looking, but I will concentrate on what is happening with the transportation in and around Plymouth, England

And that is how it all started. Fifteen years later its still going strong. Its not always been easy but its always been fun!

Thanks to all who have supported and helped me or just popped in  for a quick read every now and again.


In the meantime a selection of buses that were new in 2005 that have graced the streets of Plymouth…

Target Travel LX05EYT

Although it ended badly in the end Target Travel did have their moments – LX05EYT presenting the best image for them.

Plymouth Citybus 254 LX05EYU

The next registration on is LX05EYU looking very smart in full Swoops livery

Stagecoach 34689 PX05EKZ

There are still plenty of Darts running for Stagecoach including 34689

Jacketts BU05HDO

Remember them?

First 42562 SN05DZY

Remember them too? When ugobus started it promised so much and for a while it seemed to be working

Stagecoach Devon 18303 WA05MGX Revenge

First 53827 YK05CDO

The Discover Dartmouth bus – in Plymouth


Bretonside (remember that?) used to be full of Shearings and Wallace Arnold coaches.

First 66885 MX05CLF

At the peak of the ugobus era we have these fine Volvos – they didnt stay long

Western Greyhound WK05CFF

Western Greyhound. Remember them? with a typical Mercedes minibus running on the 572, which is now Plymouth Citybus 72


  1. Peter Murnaghan31 March 2020 at 08:52

    How things have changed, Graham. But thanks for all your efforts to keep us up to date with developments over the years.

  2. Happy 15th Birthday Plymothian Transit!

  3. Well done Graham, 15 years, blimey, how time flies. It can't be easy for you at the moment with your job and working from home but it is appreciated especially with the current "stay at home" policy driving us all stir crazy. Thank you, and keep safe.

  4. Congratulations Graham - a fantastic achievement. Thanks for all your hard work over the years.

    From a long-term reader.

  5. Well done! The fact I was only 5 when you started this means you have covered buses from the days I started to get interested in them too today! I often go back through your blog for nostalgia sakes. You have done a service to preserving the history of transport in Plymouth. Here is too the next 15 years!

  6. Congratulations and thank you. Always a must read for me.

  7. Congratulations an intresting blog i may say. Who knows what next 15 years may bring to the bus sceane of the south west

  8. As someone who recently made the transition to being a full-time Devon resident, your website has been an essential read to help me get up to speed with the local bus scene. I thank you!


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