26 March 2020

COVID19 Timetables

Plymouth Citybus

In light of the changing situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made the decision that as of Monday 30th March Plymouth Citybus will be running special emergency timetables.

There will be two timetables. One for Weekdays and one for Weekends.

We have been working closely with other ‘Key Worker’ companies to make sure that we still provide a service for their staff to get to work.

The timetables also give connections for communities to ‘Essential Shops’, for those needing to go out and shop for necessities such as food and medicine, which following the governments advice, must be as infrequent as possible.

Please use contactless card for your travel and make sure you abide by social distancing rules, when both on the bus and waiting / boarding the bus.

Timetables are now available on the sidebar for you to download however we are still working on the Cornwall revised timetables, which we hope to have on the Transport for Cornwall website no later than Friday 27th March the web address for this is tranportforcornwall.co.uk, Our customer experience team are available to answer any questions by phone or email.

Downloads from the Citybus Web Site:

Monday to Friday Emergency Timetables from 30 March 2020

Weekends Emergency Timetables rom 6th April 2020

First Kernow

We recognise the importance buses play in our customers' lives, not least in making sure that those who need to make essential journeys, like health service and emergency workers, can continue to do so.

This is a dynamic and fast-moving situation. We are working with Government, local authorities and partners to reassess demand for our services in the light of the latest advice. Whilst doing our utmost to maintain services for our customers, we do expect to have to make changes to our timetables as the situation evolves.

Emergency Timetables from Sunday 29 March 2020

With passenger numbers having fallen drastically, and a proportion of our staff advised to remain at home by the NHS, we need to reduce the level of service we provide in Cornwall.  The following timetables replace all previously published timetables.

To view timetable information for each service click here

Stagecoach South West

We are continuing to keep the wheels moving in the South West. Our services are changing due to Covid-19, as of Monday 30th March 2020 we will be running a Sunday service with additional morning trips across our whole South West network with a few minor exceptions.

Download timetables from here

To see how your area is affected check out your local area below for a summary, first & last buses and temporary timetable downloads.

I will be collecting all the timetables etc into an archive library over the coming days so if you are reading this when its all over click here for the document archive


  1. Very intresting i take it the 14 and 52 run due to there route taking them into the hospital. Also im wondering if all cross tamar jnys on pcb will now be on the tfc web as in the link they dont show the current network(except 5/5a)

    1. Pretty much spot on! The cross Tamar runs will be on the Transport for Cornwall timetables due to be published tomorrow

    2. Looking at it, most tendered work in the city has remained largely untouched with commercial services being reduced.

  2. Most of the tendered work is, by definition, already "essential". To ensure network coverage it is the high frequency routes that will bear the brunt of timetable reductions.


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