12 February 2020

Life After Plymouth

Following on from last weeks post we have another Plymouth exile in Manchester, this time WA12ACV and WA12ACZ which have been fully liveried up in the much brighter Orbits livery, which I have to say really suits these buses.

The second ex Plymouth Citybus B7RLE in 'Orbits' livery into service today with Go North West, Manchester as 6152 WA12ACV at Cheetham Hill Tesco with a service 52 to the Trafford Centre.

The first ex Plymouth Citybus B7RLE to enter service in 'orbits' livery at the end of last week is Go North West, Manchester as 6153 WA12ACZ seen in Crumpsall with a Failsworth to Eccles 52 'orbit' service.

© Gobbiner 3rd February – with permission.

Thanks to Gobbiner for giving permission to use these. Click here to explore more of his photos!

WA12ACZ has carried three different liveries in its fairly short life in Plymouth:

Plymouth Citybus 106 WA12ACZ

Plymouth Citybus 106 WA12ACZ

Plymouth Citybus 106 WA12ACZ

I have to say the current Manchester livery is by far the best she has worn!

The long planned replacements for these buses, are apparently due to start arriving in Plymouth from London fairly soon. More news on these when they actually start arriving!  Staying with Citybus, the first of many new buses for Cornwall have started to arrive at Milehouse with a couple unregistered plain red Enviro 200s so far. No more details are know and probably wont be until they start getting registered and lettered up!


  1. Probably part of the large batch of stock built e20's

  2. There's 11 buses due from Go Ahead London. Previosuly SE221 to SE231 i believe. Didn't even know that Citybus were getting E200 MMCs until they started arriving!

  3. Are the unregistered Enviros new, or might they be some of the Cornwall Council owned examples transfering from First to GCB?

    1. Thanks Graham. Interesting times ahead on the other side of the Tamar!

  4. It’s only one E200 and its a demo!


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