20 February 2020

Go Cornwall Network Sneak Preview

Thanks to Thomas Drake for sending in listing of all the VOSA registrations so far for the new Go Cornwall network from the 29th March. I am sure this is not the full listing and they have yet to appear on the more detailed VOSA report which I download most days to start building up the new routes. As you can see most of these will be using same route numbers as Cornwall by Kernow and they many of them will be for certain journeys only for the routes mention while some will be the whole route.  There are clearly a lot of details still to be made public but this does give a flavour of how extensive the network is. Details will also start to feed through for the new commercial network by First so I am clearly going to be very busy over the coming weeks!

  • 5 Paul & Sheffield to Penzance
  • - 7 St Ives to Lands End via Zennor and St Just
  • - 8 St Just to Long Rock via Sancreed and Penzance
  • - 10 Bodmin Parkway Station to Launceston via Wadebridge, Polzeath, Port Isaac, Delabole and Camelford (mentions route 95 in registration too)
  • - 16 St Ives to Penzance (Roscadghill Park)
  • - 16A St Ives to Penzance (Roscadghill Park) 
  • - 21 Newquay to St Austell
  • - 22 Truro to St Austell
  • - 24 Fowey to Mevagissey
  • - 25 Newquay to Fowey
  • - 27 Bodmin to Truro
  • - 30 St Austell Town Service
  • - 34 Redruth to Lizard
  • - 36 Truro to Helston
  • - 36A Helston to St Keverne via Coverack
  • - 37 Helston Town Service
  • - 37A Helston Town Service
  • - 38 Camborne to Helston
  • - 39 Helston to Camborne
  • - 39A Penzance to Camborne
  • - 45 Troon to Pool via Beacon, Camborne and Tolvaddon
  • - 46 Truro to Camborne
  • - 47 Truro to Camborne
  • - 50 St Mawes to Truro
  • - 54 Bodmin Town Service
  • - 56 Newquay to Padstow via Watergate Bay and Constantine
  • - 58 Newquay Town Service
  • - 59 Newquay to Treloggan
  • - 85 Newquay to Truro
  • - 85A Zelah to Penair School via Trispen
  • - 87 Newquay to Truro
  • - 88 Newquay to Redruth via Blackwater and Goonhavern
  • - 91 Truro to Newquay
  • - 95 Bude to Wadebridge
  • - 112 Callington Community College to Minions
  • - 128 Pougill to Stratton
  • - 201 Bodmin College to Warleggan via Mount
  • - 216 Bude to Cribb
  • - 217 Bude to Hartland
  • - 218 Bude circular via Bridgerule
  • - 219 Bude to Hartland
  • - 220 Crackington Haven to Launceston
  • - 223 Launceston Town Service
  • - 236 Liskeard to Launceston
  • - 371 Warbstow Cross to Launceston via North Tamerton
  • - 372 Warbstow Cross to Holsworthy via Whitstone
  • - 373 Warbstow Cross to Bude via Marhamchurch
  • - 425 North Petherwin to Attarnun via Launceston
  • - 515 Hayle to Penzance
  • - A1 Penzance to Lands End
  • - A17 Pendeen to St Ives
  • - M6 Penzance to Mousehole
  • - T1 Penzance to Truro
  • - T2 St Ives to Truro
  • - U4 Penzance to Penryn Campus

Summercourt Travel Ltd have also registered routes 22, 23, 25, 28, 51, 66 and 496 although no details where these routes are going to and from have appeared yet.


  1. It looks like from this that the Tinner branded E400mmcs could be transferred to GCB

    1. No they won't be! Most of their service will be commercial so will still be first operated. This will probably be just for a few council supported runs.

    2. No it doesn’t.
      1. With the exception of the 16 E20MMC everything else is owned by First
      2. The T1/2 tendered journeys are the last 4 at night not the route.

  2. There is an article on pirate fm web page dated 23/12/16 which mentions ccc gcb fk investment in 37 double deckers which i beleve is fk33451-79 gcb 531-8

    1. None of FK's E400s are going to GCB. End of. FK own them and need them for their own services.

    2. I'd have to strongly disagree with you on that as i suspect that GCB will take them on loan for the Tinner routes until they get new ones through, thats the general rule of thumb

    3. but GCB are not taking over the Tinner routes. If they belong to First then they will stay with First

  3. 112 Service to Minions, interesting one as I believe there are no bus stops in the villiage, nice to see it getting a service though.

    1. Noticed that, seems interesting how they've waited a while to put it in, be interesting to see what the route for it is though.

  4. Has anyone got any idea what the new service linking up to Derriford Hospital will be? Is it likely to look something like the old 152, but extending further in to Cornwall than just Saltash?

    1. To my knowledge that will be an extention of the 71 which a variation has been registered for so it to come in effect on the 29th March, doesn't specify Derriford as Start/Finish point but does list Plymouth City Council as an authority covered by the route!

  5. Talk about uneconomical way to run buses that is also confusing for passengers. Cornwall should be ashamed of this mess. I assume First are likely to withdraw completely from Ride Cornwall to now.

    1. It's not clear at all what you mean by your comments. What "mess" is Cornwall Council supposed to be ashamed of?

    2. I agree, having two companies to run one route is a really silly idea, I doubt First Kernow will withdraw from Ride Cornwall ticketing though.

  6. I typo on my part is that the 218 is via Marhamchurch, not Bridgerule.

    Summercourt Travel routes 22, 23, 25, 28, 51, 66 and 496 I have now have details for....these are...
    - 22 Truro to St Austell
    - 23 St Austell to Gorran Haven
    - 25 Summercourt Depot to Fowey
    - 28 St Austell to Lostwithiel
    - 51 Veryan to St Austell
    - 66 Penryn to Truro
    - 496 River Street, Truro to Chellew Road, Truro Via Malpas Estate and Boscawen Park

  7. Plymouth Citybus timetables now on Traveline

  8. The situation where one operator runs a route commercially, and the Local Authority pays a different operator to operate supported journeys on the same route, has been common throughout mainland UK since Deregulation in 1986! With certain exceptions, Local Authorities are obliged to put services that they want to support out to competitive tender.

  9. Just looked on traveline from 29 th March on the 12 service to bude the time table still looks the same still the last bus from bude to Plymouth is 6:30 pm not everyone in the summer wants to go home early if I had a car I would never use the bus can stay later etc I thought the bude service was meant to be getting better I remember there was a 8:05 pm leaving bude back to Plymouth that would be better

  10. Anonymous24 February 2020 at 15:07: any buses that First loaned to GCB would be entirely at First's discretion and chargeable at full commercial rate. First are running a business, not a charity. In any case only a handful of buses are required for the small number of journeys that PCB will be operating on the T1/T2 and most, if not all, can probably be resourced from the PVR of other routes they'll be operating.


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