19 November 2019

Just arrived at milehouse…

I dont have time to do a full post tonight – but news of a brand new arrival at Milehouse today

566 WA69CYK  Enviro 400 City

Meanwhile The UK Bus Awards were held today where Plymouth Citybus was one of the finalists:

TOP CITY OPERATOR sponsored by Init

Brighton and Hove

Lothian Buses

National Express West Midlands

Nottingham City Transport

Plymouth Citybus

Stagecoach Manchester

Stagecoach Merseyside

Translink Metro

And the winner was…


Sister operator Brighton & Hove were second with Stagecoach Manchester in third.

Well done to Plymouth Citybus for reaching the final stages though!


  1. Two new buses turned up - WA69CYK in red and WA69CYX in blue.

    1. are you sure WA69CYX is blue?? last i was told all of the e400citys will be red in swoosh livery, if it is blue then it would be for a ad livery

    2. sounds like they're going to be branded for the Good to Talk campaign

  2. The blue will be the route branding base colour for the 50/51 with the red as a floating spare similar to the Spark livery

    1. Sorry but that's not the case. The blue is a one off special. To be revealed shortly

    2. The new vehicles are set to be a standard branding, the blue/green one being set for a special livery which I can't reveal at this time, as stated above.

  3. I've looked on the UK Bus Awards website for a complete list of winners, but they seem to want to keep it secret. Most strange!

  4. A few more seem to have arrived now, currently all over red which would suggest they are going to wear the standard livery.

    Interesting to note though is that they appear to have reverted back to a standard orange LED display in favour of white on these.

    1. Considering it's now standard to have White LEDs I find that rather strange. Will have to wait and see.

  5. it is interesting that these E400citys have orange screens as i believe normally all E400citys have white, but i think i may have fully found out what the bus thats "not red" is going to be and i look forward to seeing it

  6. I dont think the Blue bus is for Barnardo's. Barnardo's is mostly all green.


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