05 October 2019

Devon & Cornwall Transit 175

The weekly look at service changes across Devon & Cornwall. This also includes the one notice which should have been in DCT174 last week

As usual please click through on the Licence number for more details and full route histories on the PTBS web site. Links to Traveline and other timetables and maps are provided below where possible, but always check with the operators own web site for up to date information before you travel!

The following service changes are planned for this coming week


Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
B443/CB001004 G3 Portmellon  Royal Cornwall Hospital, 01-Oct-2019 Timetable Amendment ( On Tuesdays the service will depart Truro at 12 noon instead of 12.15)
Traveline Timetable and maps

Stagecoach Devon Ltd • PH1020951

LicenceRouteStart PointEnd PointEffectiveNotes
PH1020951.254 302 Tavistock Gulworthy Park & Ride site 09-Oct-2019 To extend from Lumburn Rise to Gulworthy as the Lumburn Rise site has be redeveloped. Operates on Wednesday 9th October 2019 and annually when Tavistock Goose Fair is hheld
Timetables 300 - 301 302 9 October only

Torbay Community Development Trust

LicenceRouteStart PointEnd PointEffectiveNotes
CB001589/B1627 61 Torquay Torquay 07-Oct-2019   Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
No timetables or details anywhere that I can see so far!

The following future service changes were published this last week:

LicenceRouteStart PointEnd PointEffectiveNotesOPERATOR
PH1020951.235 200 Coypool Park & Ride Plymouth Royal Parade 28-Oct-2019 To add later journeys to meet the requirements of Drake Circus revised opening hours and the opening of the leisure centre STAGECOACH DEVON LTD
PH1020951.234 100 101 The George Park & Ride Plymouth Royal Parade 27-Oct-2019 To add later journeys to meet the revised opening times of Drake Circus and the new leisure complex STAGECOACH DEVON LTD
PH1020951.034 5 5C Exeter, Paris Street Crediton or Chulmleigh 28-Oct-2019 To revise 5C journeys early mornings and evenings STAGECOACH DEVON LTD
CB001725/B921 123 Tavistock Bus Station Exeter 23-Nov-2019 amend timetable TAVISTOCK COMMUNITY TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION
CB001589/B1627 61 Torquay Torquay 07-Oct-2019 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays TORBAY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST
CB000987/B808 BOB 2F Follaton Village Follaton Village 11-Nov-2019 amend timetable TOTNES & RURAL COMMUNITY TRANSPORT

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  1. Some information about the mysterious Torbay Community Development Trust ("Our Bus" route 61 -

    This is indeed a new route covering part of the former Our Bus/Local Link route 61, between Livermead (Broadley Drive), Torquay Town Centre and St Luke's Road. Its revival has been made possible due to a unique subscription service; around 50 local households have committed to paying between £3.50 - £5.50 a week to underwrite the service. It currently operates seven round trips on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with volunteer drivers. As it is a registered local bus service ENCTS passes are accepted, and the reimbursement from these also goes towards offsetting the cost of operating the service. For non-passholders graduated fares are available.



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